Commitment to Excellence

Excellence is part of our DNA. The HGS Business Excellence Framework recognises quality as our single-minded goal and is based on three fundamentals.

We are good to partner with because of our:

Quality assurance:

Our Organisation Capability Group is responsible for the excellence framework that governs our business, based on COPC (Customer Operations Performance Centre). The Compliance & Audits Group acts as our conscience keeper, and is responsible for all quality and excellence certifications, methodologies, corporate governance and risk management frameworks.

Quality control:

The Operations Quality Group makes sure quality performance is maintained across our client operations and is responsible for SLA adherence, metrics management, scorecard reporting, COPC implementation and adherence to operational methodologies. Our Transitions Quality team makes sure every new client programme gets off to a strong start, establishing base line SLAs, metrics management and tollgate review processes. Our Support Functions Quality Group ensures that shared services are delivered with speedy and exacting efficiency.

Quality improvement:

Our Continual Improvement Group is responsible for a systematic, company-wide approach to continuous improvement using Kaizen, Six Sigma, Lean and Benchmarking. They are also responsible for excellence training across our business.