Consultative Partnership

When you partner with HGS, we work shoulder-to-shoulder with you to design a solution that is customized to your business requirements. We tailor our programs to meet each client's unique needs. Our focus is on delivering individualized boutique service. We are large enough to be an industry leader; however, we remain nimble and flexible. Our clients enjoy highly responsive account management relationships. Our Client Services representative will serve as your primary point of contact, available to you 24/7, ensuring personalized service when you need it. Our client satisfaction scores surpass the industry average. And because we consistently exceed our client's expectations, many of our partnerships have continued for nearly four decades.

We are good to partner with because of our:

  • People Effectiveness - Comprehensive Training, Stringent Talent Acquisition.
  • Technology Expertise - Multi level BCP, ISO Certified, Vendor Management expertise.
  • Long Term Viability - Committed funds for growth – Hinduja Group Backing.
  • Scalable Infrastructure - Experience in Managing Infrastructure in 11 countries – DR sites, Perfect Planning & Rapid Implementation.

To allow for superior value addition, all our operations are highly scalable. We provide real time and end of day visibility of operations to our clients using a combination of proprietary tools and standard packages. One of the significant strengths HGS brings to the table is the speed of execution; in the past we have been able to start services within 45 days from the date of the letter of intent. These implementations have been done from ground up and on very tight schedules to meet the emergent needs of our clients. In the recent past we have undertaken and delivered steep ramp ups of over 800% in less than a year. We have ramped up significant numbers in our back office operations and contact center space without loss of productivity, quality and customer experience. In our experience we have started with single and dual processes and have ramped up to 8 to 11 processes for a single client in a span of less than 18 months. This lends credence to the industry acknowledged fact that HGS can easily aacquire and integrate multiple processes with diverse skill set requirements, adding significant value to our clients.

We are known for our:

  • Customer Focus - We strongly believe in transcending customer satisfaction into customer delight. This is our goal in every project that we undertake and is reflected in the manner we touch our customers at every stage. We approach each client engagement in the true spirit of partnership rather than a vendor - client scenario. We work towards providing value added services to our clients in a manner which ensures the best quality of service for our clients and their end customers.
  • Staff Commitment - With highly trained sales and service staff spread across 4 continents, we are big enough to scale as your business grows and nimble enough to do so quickly. Our global delivery network means we can serve your international customer bases from their home markets and offer you the cost efficiencies of lower cost offshore locations. We have a track record for getting client solutions off the ground fast and for implementing change quickly without risk. And we can flex our resources quickly to make sure our operation and your costs are aligned to your business demands.
  • Continuous Improvement - We have dedicated quality assurance and control teams at each of our centers. This team consists of people who are 'Master Black Belt', 'Black Belt' & 'Green Belt' certified. These teams are responsible for driving continuous improvement programs across processes. Besides this, there are process automation teams in-house, that consist of software professionals who design and implement customized 'Performance Management Systems' to increase operational efficiency. The quality assurance team conducts Time and Motion study across processes. This helps us identify the root-cause for process gaps and the raw data of this study is utilized for further statistical analysis. The emphasis is on continuously increasing the First Call Resolution (FCR) rates.
  • Mutually Beneficial Relationships - Our approach towards problem solving is simple – we focus on the root causes of errors irrespective of whether we or the customer controls the root cause. Due to our rich experience in quality management, we have been able to predict and prevent many problems, thereby saving millions of dollar for our valued clients. We declare with pride that we have had no instance of project delays or delayed implementation. These include furnishing and interiors, links and equipments, technology integration, client inputs on profiling and recruitment, process discovery, train-the-trainer, recruitment and training, certification and eventual roll out. Performance for us is not a trade-off between lower costs and higher quality; it is about achieving lower costs through higher quality.

We wholeheartedly believe in our company; its goals, objectives and mission and pursue them relentlessly. We share our clients' business goals, champion their interests and align our resources to theirs in anticipation of their future needs. Our passionate commitment to their cause has given our big clients the confidence to entrust us with managing their multiple processes, starting with just one!