Automated Enterprise

Delivering Speed and Cost Transformation

Reduced Average Handle Time
Right First Time (Accuracy)
Better Agent Productivity
Lower Training Timeline
Increased Process Compliance
Enhanced Efficiency and Customer Experience
Higher CSAT Scores with Faster Resolution

Customers need accurate answers quickly and efficiently from their preferred channel. But in most companies, systems are manual and disconnected, making it difficult to cater to the needs of the digital customer. And inefficiencies and potential errors in both the front and back offices have a significant impact on the customer experience.

HGS Automated Enterprise is an end-to-end intelligent automation approach. HGS provides a front- to back-office automation solution that includes self-service, robotic process automation (RPA) plus cognitive learning, natural language processing, process improvements, error reduction, and speed and cost transformation. The Automated Enterprise is technology agnostic and leverages analytics and insights to innovate and improve.

At the front office, DigiBOT guides intelligent automated responses over chat, text, or social channels, pivoting to live agents when it makes sense. Our Smart Channel Selector guides customers to the channel options, including web self-service that will get them to the right answer fast.

  • Customer ID and authentication
  • Systems navigation—workflow
  • Policy compliance—real time
  • Escalations based on conversation

HGS "Design for Automation" approach goes beyond cost transformation to reducing errors and processing time to preventing fraud, increasing claims recovery, capturing the voice of the customer and keeping data clean and current. At the back-office, RPA provides voice of the consumer post-interaction surveys, transaction processing, research, record updating, and reporting. All of these functions improve navigation, customer identification, and policy compliance

Self-Funded, As-a-Service Transformation

  • 30–80% headcount reduction
  • 20–60% turn-around-time reduction
  • 15–80% cost reduction
  • 16% call deflection to text from IVR
  • 97% of web-self-service inquiries resolved without human intervention

Amazing CX to Increase NPS and Help Get the Right Answer Fast

  • 58% reduction in customer effort (AHT)
  • 20% CSAT increase: reducing customer effort and pivoting channels from automated to live support without starting over
  • 20–75% reductions in AHT with automation, channel shifting, self-service
  • 48% adoption of text (pivoting from PC to SMS) with 75% resolution
  • Sales conversion up from 30% to 65%: lead turnaround improved from 10 days to within 2 hours

Blended, Re-engineered, or Fully Automated

Applying HGS's design thinking approach with deep domain and process re-engineering expertise, we focus on process understanding and mapping exceptions, documenting process steps and keystroke-level tasks, process input and output, and upstream and downstream activities associated with the process. HGS DigiBOT features include:

  • Non-invasive technology
  • Seamless use of client's existing end-user interfaces and enterprise applications
  • Function with software robots logging into systems and security controls and restricted access rights
  • Technologically agnostic
  • Applicable across multiple domains and industry verticals