3 Key Focus Areas of Next-Generation Cloud

Posted by Subramanya C, Chief Technology Officer The cloud is how businesses automate, integrate, and optimize support—and it has matured by leaps and bounds in its flexibility and scalability. With the cloud,  today’s BPOs can cost-efficiently help businesses drive transformation with everything from website to CRM to customer care self-service. 3 Key Focus Areas of Next-Generation CloudCloud Platforms with Widespread Adoption While some cloud applications are native and offerings are related to their product and solutions, today’s offerings provide a lot more flexibility for collaborations and incubations. Here are some of those platforms most in use:

  • Microsoft offers a collaboration platform that is adopted by many Fortune 500 companies. This platform employs many Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and other additional applications. Being an old timer is advantageous, and, as such, there are many features beyond cloud platforms, including email services.
  • Google is more of a collaboration and development platform. Google also enables ISVs to work on its platform and provide solutions and services. Google also provides email services.
  • Salesforce is a sales, service, and marketing platform with a widely popular CRM offering. This software is easy to customize and upgrade.
  • As a sourcing platform, Ariba is a cloud-based B2B marketplace where buyers and suppliers can find each other and do business within a single, networked platform.
  • Amazon Web Services is a comprehensive, evolving cloud computing platform provided by

3 Key Areas of the Maturing Cloud There are three key areas of next-generation cloud performance:

  • Self-service: Today’s businesses are adopting cloud solutions for self-service, such as portals to enable faster FAQ and product help resolution. For a leading consumer electronics manufacturer, HGS employed our DigiWEB and Smart Channel Selector with a portal to support personalized and contextual FAQs, and offers videos and step-by-step guides to improve first contact resolution and help decrease web abandonment. Through data collection, DigiCX was also able to gain customer insight and help build an engagement strategy to reduce AHT. Smart Channel Selector helped guide the consumer by providing the easiest channel for resolving the issue. As an outcome of this solution, a 97% resolution rate was achieved and 92%–93% of customer contact traffic was managed by the self-service solution. And costs were reduced by 70%.

3 Key Focus Areas of Next-Generation Cloud ad

  • Email hosting: Email hosting platforms employ semantic language understanding, to enable an inquiry to be understood with increased accuracy to route emails based on a set of criteria. This can identify multiple incidents in one email or one incident across several communications. This self-serve capability employs a knowledge base of frequently asked questions and answers, which assists agents to reduce call time and average cost per call. Additionally, improvements can be made to the knowledge base via the customer and / or agent feedback system. These knowledge bases are continually updated and improved, for optimized learning that enhanced CX. When HGS employs this solution, with our DigiEMAIL, the end result is the right answer fast, for immediate and accurate query resolution for our clients’ customers.
  • Video platform: With video platforms, the cloud is used to support solutions like virtual training and work at home programs. HGS Canada recently launched our Work@Home solution, which offers our clients at-home agents for improved hours delivery, service level, and customer satisfaction impacts. One critical component and key to the brand ambassador/HGS culture of this program is our video portal for virtualized training.

There are more OEMs including telephony companies moving toward multitenancy-based cloud hosting for voice services in geographies to cater to medium-sized markets. They are slowly extending similar offerings to enterprise and BPOs. There is more to come, in this space…….

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