3 Ways the Cloud Opens Horizons for CX

Posted by Subramanya C, Chief Technology Officer, HGS

Cloud technology is revolutionizing the way today’s companies do business. From easy, real-time data accessibility, productivity improvements and cost reduction to business communication and supply chain management efficiencies, the cloud is a game changer.

3 Ways the Cloud Opens Horizons for CX

How does cloud technology drive breakthrough CX transformation?:

  1. The cloud can better prepare companies to provide optimized CX, across channels.

    Companies can employ cloud solutions for internal conferencing, presentations, meetings, and video to drive more coordinated internal communication and productivity. Using cloud apps, companies can connect with customers across geos, sharing presentations and content. With the globalization of business, constant communication and knowledge sharing is essential to maintain growth, productivity levels, and consistency internationally.

  2. Cloud-based CRMs can integrate data

    .Companies can undertake better inventory management with wider sales access to inventory. Additionally, customers are provided faster information about product availability. Hosting data on cloud infrastructure can lead to better customer experiences, with faster and more accurate updates about product availability.

    .For customer complaints, cloud data storage enables immediate and accurate product tracking, right down to the store a product was sold from, the shipment it came in, and the factory where it was manufactured.

    .Similarly, when a customer makes a purchase in one country but lodges a complaint from another country, hosting data on the cloud means that your customer care representatives have all the data they need at their fingertips despite not working in the place of purchase.

  3. Cloud technology is an ideal collaboration suite for companies.

    Cloud technology has done away with the need for VPN because all company information and emails are hosted on the cloud. Today businesses can access emails and content from anywhere, enhancing productivity with easier data access and better communication. For example, sales executives can access proposals from the cloud and customize them on the spot to improve sales. Customer contracts can be handled better by cloud hosting contract templates, for access and customization of a contract template. For human resources, employee onboarding and the complete employee lifecycle, the cloud (the selection process, offer rollout, and references) ensures better access and processing. For your purchase department, you can use cloud to source vendors for purchasing and implement bidding on the cloud with transparency and an open process while choosing the price and vendor.

To unlock these cloud transformations, many of today’s companies are turning to the experts. The global cloud-based BPO market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 11.39% from 2014-19, according to ResearchMoz. Today’s business process management (BPM) partners can build the cloud infrastructure that is most cost-effective and advantageous.

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