4 Contact Center Customer Service Tips to consider for the Holidays

Posted by Jack Biersdorfer

According to Zendesk, customer satisfaction ratings dropped by 6% during last year’s holiday season. The reason?  Organizations were not prepared for seasonal demands.  This year, as organizations prepare for the holiday rush, here are 4 customer service tips to remember.

  1. Ramp Up for the Demand

It’s important to increase the number of customer service members for the holiday season to ensure that customer inquiries are answered as quickly as possible. Customers should not be able to distinguish between seasonal employees and regular employees. The goal is to provide excellent customer service to every single customer during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

HGS has years of experience in ramping client programs to accommodate fluctuations in contact center volumes. For example, we have a long-standing client who is a leading manufacturer of audio, video, communications, and information technology products for the consumer and professional markets that requires volume increases of 40 to 50 percent during the holiday season. We ensure a successful ramp-up program by partnering with this client and incorporating training, recruitment, workforce management, and operations teams to ensure that our clients customers are satisfied with their experience.

While many of our clients ramp during the traditional holiday period, we also partner with clients whose programs ramp during the summer months to manage ramp ups and downs between programs. These opposing ramps allow us to use trained, experienced agents to meet the staffing needs of more than one program and provide full-time, year-round employment to proven agents.

  1. Place your contact information in a noticeable place on your website.

Make it easy to for your customers to contact you or make information easily accessible. This can be done through:

  • Ensuring your website, with your phone number, is in a prominent location
  • Live chat capabilities – Web chat has become increasingly popular the past couple of years.  One of my colleagues wrote this great post on how organizations can get the most out of web chat:   Wise up to web chat
  • An updated Self-Serve/FAQ section – Customers are becoming more comfortable with this channel, so ensure that the proper analysis is conducted so that responses to customers are easily found.
  • Mobile Compatibility – A total of 98% of consumers have their mobile devices within arm’s reach 24/7. How easy is it for your consumers to contact you from their mobile device? Customers should be able to have end to end customer support…all from their mobile device.
  1. Optimize Social Channels

According to Conversocial, retailers should expect five times their regular volume of customer service issues through social media this holiday season. Here are some tips to make sure organizations are optimizing the customer experience through social media:

  • Respond quickly…and to every customer comment or post.
  • Anticipate questions and responses
  • Respond to questions/concerns with the proper response. It's important to note that some responses can be handled online, while some may require a follow-up phone call or email. Choose wisely.
  1. Treat your employees well

Happy employees help create happy customers. In what can be a busy and stressful time, organizations need to ensure that their team members are motivated while enjoying their work. Some ways to do that include:

  • Games  - Have the agents participate in games and activities to make their tasks more enjoyable
  • Reward – Reward and recognize the team for good behavior
  • Provide Food – it may be a simple task, but it goes a long way for team members that are spending their holiday time at work.

The holiday season is already here. If you need assistance with your seasonal customer service program, contact us so that together, we can conquer the holiday rush.

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