4 Essential Elements You Need to Transform Digital CX

Posted by Sachin Karweer, Business Head - HGS Interactive

Today’s CX strategy is about meeting customers where they’re at, and that, as we all know, means good digital engagement strategy. To interact with the evolving digital customer, businesses need to incorporate the right mix of analytics, research, and technology to enable the digital marketing efforts of a brand and build brand and online engagement.

Providing Effortless Experiences
From more relevant and targeted outreach to reduced customer effort, digital engagement is worthy of investment. In fact, according to recent Harvard Business Review research, low effort scores lead to a 94 percent likelihood to repurchase and 88 percent chance to increase spend. Is your digital CX in need of a reboot? Ask yourself these four key questions to ensure your digital CX is on track to deliver results:

  1. Are you meeting your customers where they are? It’s imperative to know where your audience is in the online world. Analytics is crucial to build your customer profiles, and it spans web, mobile, and social channels. Yet according to IBM/MIT research, 38 percent of businesses lack the understanding of how to effectively use analytics. While there are many methodologies and tools that allow attribution of digital channels to consumers; we like to keep it simple. We start with tools like Google Analytics to understand consumer demographics and use social listening tools to profile customers based on experience, attributes, and sentiments. This level of profiling drives growth. For example, for a yoga clothing company, we drove a 148 percent website visit increase by building an SEO- and chat-enabled website.
  2. Are you providing all the channels required to meet preference needs? Once you’ve identified your online customers and their respective channels, you need to build a reach and engagement plan. This could vary from content marketing, search engine optimization, or influencer marketing on social media. The end goal should be to provide a unified experience with strong brand recall across all channels. For example, for a leading paint manufacturer in India, we outlined a 360-degree transformation plan, comprising content, social media, e-commerce, mobile, and search marketing, that drove a website traffic improvement of 500 percent.From the very start, information is key to acquiring and retaining your customer base. In fact, often the customers who land on your website, mobile site, or social pages will be the ones looking for anything from FAQ’s to How to videos. Digital strategy focus in this area can bring significant ROI. For a leading consumer electronics manufacturer, HGS built a consumer-centric self-service portal branded as “client” USA. Today, this portal achieves results such as a 97 percent resolution rate. Reduced customer effort goes a long way to building and retaining this client’s customer base.
  3. Is your branding contemporary but also reflective of your customers? Stay fresh, current and ready to align your online presence to consumer experience; however, be true to your brand. Web design should always keep your customer demographic top of mind. It is extremely important to respond to only the trends that suit the uniqueness of your brand. Ultimately, innovate to stay relevant, but be sure to maintain the experience best tailored to your brand and customers. This means reviewing and understanding how any digital trend works and whether it suits your business purpose.
  4. Who is your digital marketing strategic partner, and how credible are they? Work with a customer experience solutions partner that also focuses on customer care. Today, a unified experience means including the customer care piece. What are your customers saying about your brand? Does your partner understand social media listening and response management and can they convert negative input into positive sentiment? Today’s most effective CX strategy is best handled by a customer experience partner that has digital marketing knowledge and also customer sourcing, care, and engagement experience. At HGS, our clients say that our 40-plus years of customer care experience is an essential balance to the technical expertise and innovation that is also part of our overall digital solutions strategy.

Finally, as you build tools and apply these essential elements, be sure to closely follow the metrics, so you know whether your commitment to digital hits the mark. Are you merely meeting a point of entry or are you thoughtfully building a strategic foundation that aims for acquisition, conversion, retention, and growth?

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  • Text enabling your toll free number
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  • Recruiting the right talent
  • Training courses
  • Reporting
  • Quality
  • After hour strategies, escalations….and more!