The 4 W’s of BPO Outsourcing

Posted by Ayo Dahunsi

The 4 W’s of BPO Outsourcing

According to analysts, outsourcing is at a developed stage and will continue to grow. What comes to mind when you think of outsourcing?  For most people, they typically think of cost reduction. But in reality, outsourcing entails much more than that. Many partnerships involve BPO providers in roles that allow them to contribute to long-term growth strategies. Here are the 4 W’s of what to consider when thinking of outsourcing.

Who Should Outsource?

Any business looking to focus on their core competencies should outsource. Outsourcing organizations are experts in their industries and invest heavily in streamlining processes to optimize results. In the BPO space, one major reason organizations partner with organizations is to enhance customer experience. Your customers demand (and deserve) a great customer experience and you can ensure that, with a BPO partner.

Who should you outsource with?

You should find a partner that offers solutions that are in line with your long-term corporate goals. The relationship should not be one-sided. Your outsourcing partner should also be willing to invest in the partnership by providing ideas and innovation to assist you in becoming more competitive.

What should I outsource?

Almost any business process can be outsourced. The first step is to determine what your organization does best, and then focus on that as your core business. Next, you can determine where you need a “fresh perspective?”  According to the 2014 Call Center Executive Priorities Report, customer experience is the primary investment target this year; 68 percent of businesses plan to increase their customer management spending.  Customer management is crucial in any business and the best investment you can make may be to partner with a BPO provider to ensure healthy customer experience.

When should I outsource?

You should outsource when your organization determines it’s time to invest in activities that are in line with your core competencies.  As mentioned earlier, you can also outsource when you need a new perspective on the process. A BPO partner should be able to provide your organization with a roadmap to transformation that will improve your existing business.

Where should I outsource?

Having the option to choose where you want to outsource is a huge plus. From close proximity, to lower cost; onshore, near shore, and offshore locations each has their benefits. At HGS, we offer all three options - we have 58 centers in 12 countries and can customize your delivery options to fit your unique needs.  

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