7 Essentials to Make Online Customer Experience a Competitive Advantage

Posted by Chris Lord

Online shopping is becoming more and more popular and research studies are showing the potential for further rapid adoption. Take a look at these statistics:

  • 61% of global internet users research products online (Interconnected World: Shopping and Personal Finance)
  • 44% online shoppers begin their journey with usage of a search engine (Interconnected World: Shopping and Personal Finance)
  • Over the next 5 years, online revenues are projected to increase at 8.6% per year (IBIS World)
  • 71% of online shoppers now think that the best deals are available online and 66% believe that they get better prices there (www metrics)

The latest service offering from HGS, a comprehensive suite of digital tools and capabilities, is the best vehicle to fuel and boost your business online. To demonstrate HGS solutions in action, our latest video tells the story of Shoppey, the tech savvy consumer with high expectations who loves shopping online, and Clicky, who represents the people, platforms, and technology that work behind the scenes to drive revenue and create a hassle-free customer experience. Along with Clicky and Shoppey, let’s use the example of Carrot Banana Peach, an online retailer that sells yoga clothes in the UK and an HGS client.

  1. Be found – don’t be the best kept secret on the web

Recent research by Business2Community reports that the first 3 organic search results get 60% of organic clicks.

Use both organic and paid Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services to place you at the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), increasing the chances of organic clicks. When Shoppey searches for ‘Yoga clothes in the UK’ on a search engine, the first result is Carrot Banana Peach. ‘Shoppey’ clicks on Carrot Banana Peach’s s website link.

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  1. Great websiteMake visitors want to stay

Website design services provided Carrot Banana Peach with an impressive site that offers high usability and Click through Rate (CTR) analytics. The email capture services make use of the email address Shoppey provides when landing on the site. Be aware of the power of online influencers and use the technique of influencer strategy on websites. When Shoppey lands on the Carrot Banana Peach website Shoppey recognizes a former yoga instructor from a picture in the “Community Members” section.

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  1. Watch that cartKeep an eye on shopping cart abandonment

Research by Baymard shows that 70% of consumers abandon their shopping cart and failure to capitalize on these lost sales opportunities total $3 trillion globally.

Shoppey begins selecting and adding clothes to the shopping cart but abandons the exercise midway due to a prior appointment. But shopping cart monitoring and analytics track Shoppey while on the move. Outbound email marketing services can then send promotional emails to Shoppey for selected clothes. Ads posted on other sites remind Shoppey to return to the site:

  • Ads on a news site [Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services]
  • Facebook Sponsored Ads

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  1. Go MobileHave your own mobile app and search

If Shoppey decides to check other options on a mobile device before making the purchase, engage mobile app development services and paid search. In this case, HGS posted a link to Carrot Banana Peach’s mobile app in the mobile search results and persuaded Shoppey to download and use the app that not only sells but also focuses on the customer’s wellbeing.

  1. Boost ConversionsFrom clicks to cash

Web and video chat candirectly answer any product or fashion related queries Shoppey might have. Shoppey is taken through the entire process of selecting, adding and purchasing products with the application of a guided walk-through (using shopping cart enablement, cart fallout, inventory management and order fulfillment services), virtual chat and other self-serve capabilities (FAQs, Forums, etc.). This process ensures resolution of any doubts Shoppey harbors about buying Carrot Banana Peach’s products and the integrated back end solutions also make Shoppey’s experience fast, easy and secure. Post purchase engagement includes enticing cross selling options, discount offers through email, email newsletters, blog posts, etc.

  1. We’re HereQuality customer care

Contact Us design services help Carrot Banana Peach stay in touch and respond to customers in a timely manner. An agent at the Interactions Command Center receives an email when Shoppey completes Carrot Banana Peach’s dynamic Contact Us form that is intelligently routed based on keywords used in Shoppey’s message.

Call center services ensure that consumers are attended to if they choose to contact Carrot Banana Peach through the phone channel using the Click to Call button on the website.

In addition to customer acquisition, excellent customer service supports Carrot Banana Peach in retention. At the Interactions Command Center, representatives track data visualizations, speech and textual analytics and dashboards and assist Carrot Banana Peach customers in chat, providing their customer care number, social media connections and customer visits to the website and social pages.

Throughout this process, Shoppey is connected to an integrated CRM system that continuously records every interaction and transaction between Shoppey and customer service agents. This data can then be used by Carrot Banana Peach for future marketing, promotions and loyalty activities.

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  1. Go SocialMake your presence felt on social media

Along with providing Carrot Banana Peachwith a social media strategy, HGS can ensure real-time, appropriate responses and solutions to consumer queries/ issues on social media.

HGS Interactions and Transactions services can also help Carrot Banana Peach design and build a unified, intuitive and inventive customer conversion and engagement strategy that allows them to target households with different customer preferences.

Using a combination of strategies with support both in front of and behind the scenes helps online retailers drive revenue and improve the customer experience, making them more competitive.

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