Customer Journey Mapping: Our Attendees Speak

Customer journey mapping is more than a means to an end—it’s one of the best ways of telling the story of your customer’s interactions with your brand. At our May 18 webinar, our VP of Solutions and Capabilities, Mandeep Singh Kwatra provided key insights on how to optimize CX over the customer lifecycle—from customers purchase and into long-term retention.

Customer Journey Mapping Creating Your Digital Customer Experience Roadmap - website

Ultimately, customer journey mapping helps our clients visualize the state of their customer experience—identifying gaps and evaluating customer response time, to evaluate brand promise delivery and highlight key moments of truth. What’s the critical difference of process mapping and customer journey mapping? For a customer journey map, a critical discovery is the emotional needs at the core of customer decision making.

At this session, Mandeep guided attendees on how to:

  • Use customer journey maps to identify critical touchpoints.
  • Develop a consumer-first culture to drive innovation.
  • Provide their companies with the tools and the game plan to transform customer engagement and grow your revenue.

As part of the webinar, HGS gathered the voice of our attendees with four polls addressing customer journey mapping design and the inherent value to this process.

HGS Poll 1 helped set the pace for the discussion, asking our attendees, “What is your role in customer journey design for you and your customer?” Nearly half of our attendees—47%--stated that they were at the webinar for crucial decision making reasons, answering, “I am the smart one. I find the customer journey resource.” We identified a 12% tie for the answers, “I am the creative one. I design the customer journey,” and “I am the boss. I sponsor the customer journey project. “Our second-place answer, at 29%, was “I am nowhere identified in this chain.”
These responses show that, increasingly, more of the market base is turning to the experts for the right guidance on how to change the face of their service to meet the evolving demand of a new, connected customer.

With Poll 2, we assessed the state of CX map market maturation, with, “Where are you in your customer journey design?” A significant majority of you are thinking about it—as showcased by our 47% attendee selection of this answer. An additional 40% “Already have a customer journey map in flight,” with 13% of our attendees not yet assessing this need.

Finally, with Poll 3, we got the mission statement of customer journey mapping. “What were your key objectives for customer experience journey design?” highlighted the fact that 6% of attendees aim for “user experience design,” with 13% hoping for “increasing active user experiences across digital channels,” and 25% striving to “reduce customer effort.” The majority of our responses showed an “all of the above” combination of these motives to design customer journey maps to optimize customer experience across channels.