Disrupter 10 - Digital Transformation to Unify the Customer Experience

Mandeep Singh Kwatra, HGS VP Solutions and Capabilities

Earlier this year, HGS released a white paper on this year’s 10 customer experience disrupters—those that are sure to alter the CX landscape this year. Every month, we’ve dedicated a blog to each of these CX game changers. Here we dissect our last 2016 Disrupter: Digital Transformation to Unify the Customer Experience, with thought leadership from HGS VP of Solutions and Capabilities, Mandeep Singh Kwatra, highlighting how companies can unify today’s customer experience.

Top 10 CX Disrupters

What is now driving new levels of urgency in customer service transformation? According to John Willmott, CEO, NelsonHall, it’s a combination of new technologies that support the customer need for instant information and service, and the emergence in recent years of disruptive, “digital” competitors in many sectors. “A new breed of customers has emerged that principally communicates or transacts using smart phones,” he says. “These customers compare CX across different verticals and expect the same level of service that they receive from Amazon, Apple, Zappos, or their local coffee shop from all brands. Millennials and Gen X consumers in particular are digital natives; lacking online channels, level of self-service or social media presence makes a brand non-existent for these segments.”

Disrupter 10 - Digital Transformation to Unify the Customer ExperienceAccording to a recent NelsonHall study, nearly three-quarters of major organizations globally are developing their position as “digital enterprises” in 2016, with two-thirds looking to develop new ways of doing business to compete with the new digital disruptors in their industry sector. Customer service is a key element in this re-positioning and transformation.

Businesses are working hard to figure out how best to integrate and connect all of the disparate communication channels, along with the backend data structure needed to personalize and reduce effort along the customer journey. Putting all of the pieces of the puzzle together to optimize the customer experience and make your brand more competitive is a huge undertaking, but HGS is getting global brands up and running on digital platforms with integrated digital agents in as little as 90-days with pilots that are designed to incubate your best approaches to empower customers to help themselves.

Today’s consumers have become “rewired” mentally and emotionally to their smartphones and tablets, which has caused them to abandon traditional customer support channels in favor of digital and self-serve options. According to a recent International Data Corporation (IDC) survey, when asked about the most important characteristic to ensure satisfaction when communicating with a company, 34% chose ease of use/ simplicity of process, 24% chose cost, and only 19% picked a friendly person/ personal interaction. Consequently, businesses now need to connect different channels with their knowledge base for a consistent and personalized customer experience. Platform cross linking should also incorporate customer effort reduction, which is a major determinant of great customer experience.

Was digital transformation a part of your brand’s customer service strategy this past year? Join the conversation and let us know how you are innovating.