Driving Growth & Revenue: HGS’s Crucial Value-Add

Posted by Jon Ellsworth,
VP, Technical Services Business Development and Keith Brickell, Business Development Manager, Technical Services

Every day, HGS identifies client processes that are not serving them adequately.   One such process enhancement is to introduce or redesign end-to-end transformation for generating or enhancing revenue-earning opportunities.

Have we succeeded in transforming cost center to profit center?  Yes, and it’s proven.

For example, one of the common issues faced in any program is out-of-scope queries. Our HGS offering focuses on creating a pay-for-support model for resolving out-of-scope issues and converting into revenue-generating channels. Similarly there are other opportunities to improve customer churn, increase loyalty, and generate sales using various analytic and digital tools.

Our nine-year partnership with a North America communications and media company is a prime example of the HGS Customer Experience model that can provide this type of value. For this client partner, HGS achieved 100% revenue growth over eight years, with 750% growth in FTEs. The key driver of this success was a strategic services expansion into wireless customer support and cable.

How is HGS able to achieve these successes?  HGS helps our client partners drive costs out of business by employing Digital Enablement to navigate and optimize channels. For example, while a highly effective channel, telephone incurs higher costs—in fact up to $8 more than chat and $10 more than email, per interaction.

This is the kind of deliverable companies are looking for from their BPO partner.  In fact, according to recent research, 49% of enterprise BPO clients are shifting toward a two-pronged requirement of both operational and transformational service needs.

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