Excellent Ways of Doing Business!

Posted by Ashwin Hoskote 

In today’s world we are constantly on a thought overdrive to understand how to serve our customers better. The tough competitive landscape is constantly forcing us to innovate and come up with ideas that will not only justify our long-standing relationships with our customers but also help build new relationships.

First: We need to understand why customers want what they want. To drive shareholder value organizations that outsource customer services need to focus on improving margins, gaining organizational control and managing risk. To do this internally often leads to excessive overhead costs.
Second: Businesses place a lot of emphasis on hiring the right skill to ensure world-class quality and flexibility and are willing to hunt for the right talent in countries like India, China, Philippines, Caribbean, and Central Europe.

Both of these conditions create exceptional opportunities for business process outsourcing (BPO) organizations. Any BPO provider can take these processes off their hands and do a fabulous job of it. Why? – Because I would like to think that we excel in it through years of enhancing our skills by understanding exactly how the market is changing. We also know who to hire and how to hire to create value.

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To stay ahead of the market, it’s important to create a “Business Excellence” process. The Business Excellence process consists of best practices that when used effectively and consistently can lead to an improved performance levels of employees.

In today’s competitive market scenario every successful company pushes itself further, staying relevant and going the extra mile to deliver best-in-class services to its clients.  A culture of business excellence helps the organization on its trajectory of growth and development. This requires all functions of an organization to develop an “excellence” mindset, including processes and people capabilities. Business excellence helps the organization achieve world-class standards across operations, functions and people. It enables robust service delivery and helps enhance employability through excellence models and programs to enhance process and human resource capability. A strong business excellence framework can be leveraged to deliver quality service encompassing all aspects of an organization.

Looking at the evolving BPO landscape, the perception has often been that customers approach BPOs to save costs. However, while cost pressures will continue to remain a key driver behind outsourcing decisions, organizations are seeking improvement in business outcomes and transformation gains when outsourcing finance and accounting, human resources, procurement, and other business processes and the advantage often gained by partnering with a BPO is the “business excellence” process we implement to ensure seamless delivery. With inflation and exchange rates dampening the labor arbitrage benefit, both customers and providers of BPO services are increasingly looking at enhanced operational capability and improved business outcomes as a more sustainable benefit of an outsourcing relationship.

The overall message is clear. For companies outsourcing their critical business functions, business excellence in their BPO partner is a “must have” for the predictable, reliable, efficient and consistent delivery of a high-quality operation. This makes it imperative for us to strive for “excellence” to “make our customers more competitive”.


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