On the Frontlines of Recruiting Success: 7 Reasons to Support Military Employment

Posted by Lionel Sweeny

Veteran employment: in the past few years, it’s been getting much deserved support—from the 2009 U.S. executive order establishing the Veterans Employment Initiative, to the Returning Heroes Tax Credit, offering incentives to businesses that hire unemployed veterans. State and local-level governments and non-governmental organizations have followed with initiatives to encourage in companies, a commitment to employing veterans. Here at HGS, we are honored to give back, in any capacity possible, to those who have tirelessly and selflessly served the country. It is a part of a shared social responsibility to honor men and women of service with a veteran’s employment program and support of organizations like Tragedy Assistance Programs for Survivors (TAPS).

The HGS veteran employment program supports active recruitment and employment of the men and women who have dedicated their lives to protect us. Today, our El Paso site, in cooperation with Fort Bliss, best represents our dedication to our military. At this location, approximately 50% of the HGS employee base for key cuImage removed.stomer programs has a military connection, either through individual service or as a military family member. And this number is steadily growing. Since November 20, 2013, when HGS signed the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) Statement of Support, we have, with this program, hired hundreds of military veterans.

The private sector is increasingly recognizing military veterans as some of the best trained and most highly skilled people in the workforce. And your own business would benefit from the shared traits of these employees, which typically translate to these 7 values and strengths:

1. Ability to Perform Well Under PressureImage removed.
There may be no better line of work than the military to teach people to perform well under pressure. It’s a simple fact: military personnel are exceptionally capable of performing under duress and meeting tight work deadlines. And this is a notable advantage for any business.

2.Leadership PotentialLeadership potential
 Another advantage of military personnel? They are great leaders who know how to inspire and motivate. Soldiers will follow a good leader anywhere and under any battle conditions. While there are many factors that determine the outcomes of battles, leadership is often the most important. In the private sector, this motivating and mission-focused leadership style amounts to an all-important focus on end goal and, ultimately, a positive, results-oriented work culture.

3.Teamwork SkillsImage removed.
Teamwork is a quality that is synonymous with military service and “sense of duty.” Military personnel place team success above individual achievement and personal reward. They understand firsthand the importance of selfless service. This equates to strong team players, who you can count on to build the team required to drive performance for your business.

Veterans who serve the country carry a high degree of allegiance toward the country and, in the workplace, they similarly honor the employer. Military personnel learn how to be committed to a cause, and with that comes loyalty and an intrinsic understanding of how to build trust in your work environment.

The entire country, including the military establishment, depends on military personnel for security. Shaped by integrity and a solid work ethic, military personnel are highly dependable and committed.  Military hires are generally highly reliable resources, as long as your company understands that their active association with the military might take them away from their job for periods of time.

Because they are used to order and structure, military personnel are hard-working and respectful of organizational precision. And having well-disciplined military veterans as employees will help you develop a positive and organized work environment with skilled and valued people at the center.

 Variations in environments and often-extreme conditions are the norm for military personnel, so they are highly Adaptabilityadaptable to these changes. Many military personnel have traveled extensively and they know the nuances of geographies and international communication. This benefits workplace environments, where employees must be agile in their ability to function consistently. Flexibility to varying work conditions and pressure levels is another reason why it makes good business sense to hire military personnel.

It’s the Right Thing to Do…
Military personnel risk their lives on country frontlines. Aside from making good business sense, integrating an employment program for military veterans can contribute to your overall corporate social responsibility focus. So take the initiative to show your appreciation. Make a concerted effort to hire our proven and deserving military veterans and personnel.


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