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We are looking forward to attending the 15th Annual Call Center Week Conference  in Las Vegas June 10 - 13. Will you be there? Let's make sure to connect! Meet the HGS team at Booth #104 and join our Round table discussion on Wednesday at 11:30am in the Islander Ballroom D to discuss "How Business Transformation Can Impact Your Business"

Below Parikshit Kalra, HGS Vice President, Business Excellence, Global Business Transformation Service, discusses what Business Transformation is and how it affects all organizations.

Q: What is the HGS Business Transformation Solution?

Kalra: The HGS Business Transformation solution is a comprehensive model that meets our clients’ economic and market objectives and optimizes their return on investment. Through HGS’s Business Transformation Model, we employ technology and people to advance programs from a highly labor-driven environment to a more automated and cost-centric model. Our results are time-tested, proven, and well-integrated with client objectives. One recent highlight is our success partnering with a Fortune Global 100 client, for whom we designed intelligent channel selection, social CRM, and IVR optimization to deliver volume reduction of 72,000 calls, or 22 percent, for one product line.

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Q: Why are more clients shifting toward business transformation outsourcing? 

Kalra: All companies today are under tremendous pressure to reduce costs while also increasing customer satisfaction. And that’s a fine balance—one that calls for real change in business processes and technology capability. This level of business process change calls for an experienced partner with specific competencies.

With HGS’s comprehensive expertise, we can deploy technology and also do the analysis, mapping business information and achieving short- and long-term improvements. Companies may deploy technology to their processes without the knowledge of what can ultimately be achieved.  HGS brings our core competency to ensure maximum capabilities of that technology, coupled with process innovation and human enablement. We ensure that the whole process is global, with a framework that quantifies strategy, measurement, and results. And we have a track record of delivering our breakthrough results with a disciplined, project-oriented approach.

Q: What are businesses looking for from transformation solutions? 

Kalra: Today’s Business Transformation clients are selling to evolved customers, who are highly  educated, informed, and strategic in their purchasing. These customers are employing more information channels than ever before. In fact, according to Ovum research, 52% of consumers use three or four channels when seeking customer care. These customers are sharing their experiences and opinions in new ways, and they are increasingly participating in the customer dialogue.

To this end, all companies are focusing operations, strategy, and technology on enhancing the customer experience—and quantifying it with tools like the Net Promoter® Score (NPS). HGS has had great success improving  customer experience  for our clients. As one recent example, HGS partnered with a Fortune 100 Financial Services Company to implement a new customer relationship model. In this case, the initiatives generated by HGS have shown significant positive impact on Customer Satisfaction, nearly doubling the company’s Net Promoter Scores.

Q: How is HGS proactively applying transformation initiatives?

Kalra: HGS is not a technology company selling a technology tool. Our solution-as-a-service enhances our clients’ strategic goals, from our BT analytics to investing transformation expertise resources at our expense. We create the best possible solutions from all the technology available in the world. And we are demonstrating an end-to-end cost benefit that enables our partners and makes them more profitable.

Our approach is holistic. We bring insights, technolgoy, experience, expertise, and passion, to align to our clients' strategic goals and fulfill our mission to make them more competitive. We understand how to use anlaytucs to mine big data, provide meaningful insights, and bring a solution. At one recent transformation engagement, a Fortune Global 100 electronics company, we designed intelligent channel selection, social CRM and IVR optimization to drive volume reduction of 72,000 calls, or 22 percent, for one product.

Q: With cost savings as a big driver of BPO, how do you reconcile transformation as part of a BPO engagement with respect to immediate cost savings?

Kalra: Our aim is to achieve key objectives that significantly reduce costs, increase revenue, or dramatically improve customer satisfaction. For example, today’s customers are looking to spend less time on queries or concerns. We have had great success reducing the efforts of our clients’ customers, which has proven to increase customer satisfaction. Additionally, we provide the training and expertise to optimize agent performance. For example, if an agent is less taxed  and worried about solving internal problems, then he or she can spend more quality time to satisfy that customer and or potentially upsell more products.

Q: What is HGS’s key differentiator?

Kalra: While HGS has multiple verticals, our Business Transformation process is in fact a horizontal function that crosses all verticals. Our expansive verticals comprise a vast database of best practices and knowledge assets for our clients. With this network, we have been able to gain a lot of information and insights that we can bring back to our clients. As one of the biggest touchpoints of most companies, we manage millions of transactions every day. We are able to convert these transactions into valuable insight and leverage relationships with our best technology partners, to provide businesses a new kind of value and drive continuous strategic change. In essence, we are skilled at helping our clients build on their customers’ experiences as their market differentiators. Additionally, we have critical competencies covered in our axis of value-add processes: Business Excellence, Research &Insights, and Business Transformation. The interplay of these processes is critical to the operational success we drive for our clients.

Q: How has the business transformation model matured, beyond process and into integration with client business?

Kalra: With experience comes knowledge and expertise. Our Business Transformation solution is a mature model that has been tested and improved over time. At all client engagements, we bring our knowledge and experience to bear, and align HGS and client resources to develop end-to-end solutions. In most cases, we are already managing portions of our clients’ business. In those cases, there is familiarity with the business already in place and a shorter path to raising the level of performance.

Q: Explain how partnership is a major driver in HGS’s Transformation solution focus.
HGS is committed to our partners’ success for the long term. That means that we don’t sacrifice long-term customer achievements for short-term gain. We’ve found that partnership and commitment to mutual excellence leads to lasting relationships. These relationships share resources—and HGS employees become key members of our clients’ teams and unlock key opportunities that contribute to their success.

More questions? Connect with Parikshit at Call Center Week or email him at


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