HGS DNA: Best-in-Class CX, as Core Competency

Posted by Mandeep Singh Kwatra

Today’s mobile and digitally empowered customers want to interact with brands in their channels of convenience and expect a consistent ability to buy, make a change, or resolve an issue regardless of channel.

According to Bain, 80% of CEOS believe they deliver a superior customer experience; however, only 8% of their customers agree. This is a critical disconnect, and HGS DNA (Digital Natural Assist) is the solution to deliver a better CX result. HGS DNA is a platform and operational framework that leverages knowledge to optimize an organization’s self-service and unified consumer engagement execution; humanizing support and making it more natural. HGS DNA bridges multiple systems, channels, and knowledge repositories to create a seamless and consistent support environment across self-service channels or by a live agent (when required) which results in lower operational cost of service and better customer experience.

HGS Digital Natural Assist Infographic
HGS DNA can help businesses that are trying to address this market trend and:

  • Decrease call volume
  • Increase first contact resolution
  • Reduce long average handle times
  • Improve low customer experience rates
  • Uncover trends to better understand customers’ needs
  • Provide consistent brand messaging


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