HGS Trend 1: Meeting Extraordinary Expectations of Today’s Customers

By Wendy Shlensky, VP, Global Head PR & Analyst Relations

Earlier this year, HGS presented our trends forecast, comprising customer experience (CX) disrupter predictions, supported by practical strategies clients can use to succeed in the changing marketplace. This HGS ebook covers 11 trends, from those in self-service, mobile service, messaging, and social media, to artificial intelligence, robotic process automation and analytics. This year we frame change with the perspectives of an elite group of industry thought leaders. Here, we describe how HGS supports CX Trend No.1, from Michael DeSalles, Principal Analyst, Digital Transformation, Frost & Sullivan, on the demand for optimized CX.

  1. Brands strive to meet the extraordinary expectations of today’s connected customer.

Michael DeSalles, Principal Analyst, Digital Transformation, Frost & Sullivan

In 2019, more than ever before, customer experience (CX) will be king. Companies worldwide are putting significant effort and technology investments into improving the customer experience, providing the people, process, and technology to support an omnichannel environment. However, many organizations are challenged to find the right solutions and partners, both from a technology and customer care outsourcing perspective.  

Consumers will be more empowered and knowledgeable than ever before, and expectations for excellent customer service, sales knowledge, and technical support will soar.  More and more customers are insisting that businesses anticipate their every need.  Customers wish to be treated as a “segment of one,” with products, offers, and services tailored to their every need, delivered on their terms and preferred communications channel. 

How HGS Supports Increasing Customer Expectations

HGS is proud of our award-winning work aligning to this new CX expectation, so we’d also like to share our recent recognitions as solution providers at heart, customer first in practice. As empathetic problem solvers, we earn trust first with brilliant basics, and then drive breakthrough benefits for our clients. Our hiring, training, and retention are at the heart of our success –because if our employees are not engaged, they can’t engage customers and drive stellar CSAT.

Institute of Human Resources Development’s (IHRD) “Great HR Practices Award”
at the Bangalore HR Summit 2018

HGS was recognized for the Talent Acquisition (TA) function’s transformational journey in the past three years. To win this award, we showcased how TA evolved to become a strategic initiative at HGS, leveraging technology to create a more result-oriented employee recruitment process, and provide benefits such as better conversion, shorter timelines, multi-channels and significant cost savings.


HGS is proud to be recognized in the “2019 Training Top 125” by Training Magazine. With the increasing advancement of artificial intelligence and automation, training becomes more important than ever with the need to re-skill and up-skill customer service representatives.  


UBS Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Summit and Awards 2018 for Stakeholder Engagement and CSR Project of the Year 2018

Apart from partnerships with some renowned nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), employees are encouraged to volunteer their time and skills to improve the lives of those in need. It’s a great way to showcase our commitment to society and build our brand as one that cares. Our recognition in two categories at UBS CSR Awards and other forums in India only help reiterate the impact that we have had on society. In the past 18 months, HGS has won four awards from various forums in the CSR space in India.

Frost & Sullivan 2018 Work Hard, Play Hard Award for Excellence in Company Culture

In October 2018, HGS was recognized for our work supporting our brand pillar to be “Brilliant at Basics.” HGS has earned industry accolades for our stellar employee engagement by way of low attrition.

Additionally, for the ninth consecutive year, HGS has been named to the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) 2019 Global Outsourcing 100 List

“We are honored to be recognized by IAOP® for the ninth year in a row,” said Andrew Kokes, HGS Senior Vice President, Global Head of Marketing.“Our goal at HGS is to make our clients more competitive in their industries by leveraging our brilliance at the basics and epic customer care. We’re incredibly grateful for IAOP®’s ongoing support and affirmation that the solutions we provide are making an impact.”


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Wendy Shlensky
Wendy Shlensky

Vice President and Global Head of Public Relations and Industry Analyst Relations for HGS

She started in Industry Analyst Relations over 15 years ago when someone took a chance on her.  Fifteen years and three companies later, she is a sought-after professional specializing in working for “Outsourcing” firms.  She thrives on promoting Industry Analyst Relations and women’s empowerment, as well as facilitating networking opportunities for people in her corner of the world. She won the coveted HGS CEO award in 2016.

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