HGS “Which Shore Is Best?” Webinar: Poll Results, Attendee Insights


Automation and customer experience mandates, as well as currency fluctuations are driving organizations to revisit traditional contact center locations. On October 4, we hosted some insightful speakers for our webinar “Which Shore is Best? How to Choose the Best CX Option for Your Business.” At this session, Peter Ryan, Principal, Ryan Strategic Advisory, and Shawn Ollis, VP of Operations, Prudential unpacked some of the latest industry research on key global hotspots as well as strategies for including onshore destinations as part of your overall global strategy.

At this webinar, we helped attendees to:

  • Ensure their location strategy is current given the disruptive impact of automation and bots.
  • Reduce cost of service while improving the quality of the customer experience (CX) and the positive business impact CX makes.
  • Simplify blended location approaches to outsourcing, seeking to reduce the number of locations and ensure ongoing success through better governance and accountability.
  • Learn if offshoring or nearshoring is the right strategy.
  • Build a plan for growing domestic English and Spanish support.
  • Mitigate risk by understanding proven success factors

For our first webinar poll, we posed this shoring question to our attendees: “What is your preferred contact center delivery model?” A total of 43% answered Onshore, with 14% answering Offshore and 29% choosing Nearshore, and 14% favoring home-based agents.

Our second poll addressed preferred nearshore/farshore location. While 50% prefer a Caribbean or Central America site, 25% chose India, with a 13% tie for Philippines and Malaysia.

Following the webinar, Peter and Shawn answered some pressing attendee questions.

Q1: What’s the next big location in terms of offshoring?

Peter: I can’t point to any one next big thing. In my view, that’s probably not something that’s imminent in contact center work. Interested parties need to keep an eye on niche locations. Niche locations might not necessarily be countries with tens of millions of people in a particular country or in a particular jurisdiction. We are starting to see interesting new opportunities that are perhaps smaller in scale but have a great value proposition. We are starting to see a lot more of these pop up around the world whether it’s in Africa or Central/South America or the Asia Pacific. I would say don’t necessarily look for countries with the large volumes. Look for a large number of countries, as they are a bit smaller but have a great contact center or customer experience value proposition.

Q2: Do you see automation impacting location strategies? If so, how?

Peter: I certainly think that automation will impact location strategies. However, we should keep in mind that automation, while it’s important in the context of the contact center, also has certain limitations. As we know automation today, we can see a small proportion of interactions that can be handled by a machine or bot. At the same time, individual consumers will want to have more complex interactions handled by an agent, whether it’s someone working domestically, whether it’s somebody working in the near shore, or somebody working in the far shore. I think the automation discussion will probably be a lot more focused on the delivery of customer experience, as opposed to machine versus offshore.

Shawn: I agree that automation is a huge part in the shoring world in general. If you are in the shoring game, whether on, off, or near, you’re behind the curve if you are not looking at how to automate and remove those manual, dated processes. It’s absolutely high priority on that.

Our next webinar is November 8, “Practical Steps to Digital Transformation.” Register here.



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