Jamaica Outsourcing Enhances CSAT: Here Are Two Key Ways

By Anand Biradar, Vice President and Business Head, HGS Jamaica

When considering outsourcing hubs, companies are increasingly considering the bright side of one of the world’s most beautiful tropical islands: Jamaica. Recently, Jamaica is experiencing economic growth not seen for decades. Led by government reform and improved fiscal discipline, (and as noted in a recent Bloomberg Report), the island could be on track to achieve its “Five in four” (5% GDP growth in four years), an initiative established by Economic Growth Council. A rise in interest from businesses looking to outsource customer service has been welcomed by the local government, which promotes the career opportunities offered by BPOs. 

According to the BPIAJ (Business Process Industry Association of Jamaica), Jamaica is currently one of the biggest BPO markets in the Caribbean and Central America region and the leading English-speaking country in the region. To date, Jamaica’s BPO industry represents 9 percent of the region’s market. Operations in Jamaica range from data processing and customer care to full BPO operations such as insurance processing, and tech support. Adds BPIAJ’s President Gloria Henry, “Employment in the sector has moved from 13,000 to 26,000, accompanied by a 75 percent increase in exports and a 75 percent increase in foreign exchange earnings.”

The Opportunity

For those businesses (particularly the U.S.) that want to optimize cost of operation while elevating the customer experience, Jamaica outsourcing can build a seamless CRM/BPO solution to deliver the business objectives through deployment of experience-oriented processes.

Jamaica CX Outsourcing: 2 Reasons Why

Typically, the top three issues that drive the most dissatisfaction with contact center outsourcing are: brand advocate retention, quality of service, and rapport and trust, with service level results and achievement.  Jamaica answers with engagement of a warm and friendly employee profile, service excellence to drive NPS and CSAT, and strong community and resource support to build partnership success.

  1. Brand advocate engagement to drive high NPS or CSAT: Jamaica customer service employees share a typically unique warm and friendly disposition and are ideally suited to customer care with a natural curiosity, and a compassionate, and also competitive nature. These team members are well aligned to Western culture and ideal brand ambassadors or brand advocates—a combination of IQ/EQ, which makes them ideal for their role as empathetic problem solvers. As one example of how HGS works to engage our brand advocates to drive client success and customer affinity, we employ a Daily Energy Plan (DEP) to ensure strong employee engagement and performance, which in turn drives stellar CSAT for our clients. This plan ensure an infusion of energy at the outset of each work day, drawing on gamification, incentives, and training, to keep employees happy, empowered, and well aligned to the company and client mission.
  2. Community support and relationship building: Jamaica is a politically and economically stable environment that is well aligned to business partnership needs. The area is known for a strong corporate social responsibility (CSR) focus. HGS, for example, is highly regarded for our known impact sourcing and CSR focus. This is probably among the reasons why 40% of our hiring is from employee referral.

With all the attention on the outsourcing sector’s success in this region, the local government is actively promoting the career opportunities offered by BPOs. All signs point to continued success—the horizons are bright for customer service support from Jamaica.

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