A Look Back: Top 6 CX Topics in 2016

By Andrew Kokes, SVP, Global Marketing, HGS

With CX changing rapidly, keeping pace with this ever-evolving industry is tough. Last year, we had strong interest in the HGS blog posts related to CX innovation, but a few topics really stood out, with many readers engaging in the dialogue that continues to build a robust knowledge base of thought leadership, best practices, and lessons learned. With 2016 in our rearview mirror, we’d like to share 6 blogs that capture the spirit of the topics that have been critical and will remain top of mind into 2017:


Customization is the new black


Stay tuned for our January 11 webinar and January 18 blog—our forecast for this year, What’s Next in CX: Top 10 Trends to Reduce Customer Effort in 2017.


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