Meet Team HGS! - Erin Fent

Posted by Erin Fent


Erin Fent

What do you do at HGS?

Learning and Development Leader


Peoria, IL.

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What do you like most about working with HGS?

All of the different responsibilities I have and different projects I am involved in. Though sometimes things can seem overwhelming, I love that there are so many facets to the business that I can be a part of, to give me a wide variety of experiences in the business world.

Most memorable HGS Experience?

Last year, the management on my team rented a dunk tank, and for every day of the month that a rep met the average handle time goal, they had the opportunity to try to dunk a member of management of their choice! Some reps met the goal each day and were throwing for a while! I had so much fun with this (even though I got dunked more times than I can count), because it was a new and different incentive that everyone got excited about! The reps had tons of fun with it, and it definitely motivated them to meet their goals!

Favorite sports team?

Miami Dolphins! Phins up!

The most beautiful place you have ever visited?

Two summers ago I went to Riviera Maya, Mexico and went snorkeling in a cave underground and it was breathtaking! Too bad I dropped my underwater camera and lost all pictures!