The Outsourcing Three Legged Race

Posted by James MacMillan,
Vice President, Business Development, HGS Canada

Remember those corporate picnics where everyone at work would get together to compete in events like the potato sack race or tug-of-war?

[caption id="attachment_157" align="alignnone" width="300"]Image removed. Success requires true partnership[/caption]

This was meant to be fun and promote team bonding. But there was always that competitive guy who would win at any cost and then run around celebrating like he scored a World Cup goal. My favorite event was the three legged race. I never lost this one.  You see, World Cup guy would find the biggest, strongest and fastest athlete to be his partner. My strategy was to find the person around my height, with the same stride length who could run at the same pace as I did. When the race started, we would run as if we were one person and win the race by a country mile.

The same philosophy applies when choosing a partner for your customer service support.

  • There should be a strong cultural alignment with operations and leadership.
  • Your partner must align their focus to your key business objectives and critical success factors with key performance indicators carefully chosen to manage these.
  • Your partner should essentially be an extension of your internal customer experience team.

Your service providers can give you tremendous advantages by enabling instant access to leading customer service technology, improving your upsell opportunities and using their breadth of experiences to present new, innovative ideas to help you stay relevant. But to your customers, you should be one, like the three legged race.