QandA: HGS on Maintaining Client Support Consistency Across Multiple Geographies

This week’s blog is an excerpt of an interview between our Senior Vice President of Global Growth Strategy and Marketing Chris Lord and Nearshore Americas, whom Chris met with at the recent Sourcing Decisions 2017. In this published piece by Matt Kendall, Chris delves into strategies for balancing cultural alignment and technology.

Here’s the first question on global-local challenges for service providers. Read the entire conversation here.

HGS on Maintaining Client Support Consistency Across Multiple Geographies

Nearshore Americas: Cultural affinity is a hugely important aspect of the nearshore industry, so, as a global corporation, what are the biggest challenges of instilling a global company culture in the different locales you operate out of?

Chris Lord: With our 44,000 people scattered around the world, we have to balance what we need in terms of a global operating model, procedures, and day-to-day activities, standardizing things like payroll, accounting, finance, and revenue recognition, for example. The flip-side of that is recognizing we are in a local market so must maintain, create, and foster a culture that’s localized.

We might be operating in the same building and same facility for two very different brand strategies, differing wildly in the hiring profile, culture, and how agents engage with customers. This might be much more aligned to digital products, digital services, digital capabilities, and the people. For example, the gaming industry hiring profile for support would be radically different to financial services.

As much as our employees work for HGS, it’s more important that they work for the brand and live that brand experience. Our ability to create a brand environment in the room they operate in is a really great secret to success, and a big part of managing that culture in a diverse organization.