Reflections on Optimized CX: Moments-of-Truth Matter

By Wendy Shlensky, Vice President, Global Head PR & Analyst Relations

With all of the talk about the consumer journey this past year, there’s another related area of focus: the CX moment of truth. This is the precise point on the timeline when a customer/user interacts with a brand, product or service to form or change an impression about that particular brand, product, or service.  Here at HGS, we’re in a unique role, as every day we are on the front lines of these moments of truth. We took an end-of-the-year opportunity to glean insights from an expert in CX, checking in with HGS Vice President, Global Head PR & Analyst Relations Wendy Shlensky.

HGS: When customers speak during these moments of truth, it's important to listen. So when the data is telling you your customers prefer or don't prefer a particular communications style, how can you listen?

Wendy: Cater to the customer’s channel of choice. Great customer experience starts with a frictionless user experience, so make information accurate and easy to find. Data suggests customers are less concerned with style and more influenced by getting to the substance they are seeking. Use historical data to anticipate future consumer journeys; whether in the research stage, making a purchase, or a long-term customer with a customer service need.

HGS: What's one tip you'd give for persuading customers to take an action, especially if it's not a quick action or requires some form of commitment? Why is this tip effective?

Wendy: It’s key to Engage customers at the moment of truth. No matter how great a call to action, a website design or a product’s appeal, when a customer is at the point of making a buying decision, brands should be ready to engage. You may have to leverage AI and cognitive automation to give the buyer the confidence they need to pull the trigger, but if the value of a sale supports it,  it is worth the investment.

HGS: What about engaging employees at moments of truth?

Wendy:  We found that when engaging employees more often and at moments of truth, we are able to understand their challenges to address customer issues faster. Moments of truth serve as important signposts on the consumer journey helping our agents be the most successful they can be. This results in enhanced CSAT, ESAT and lower attrition, among other gains for our clients and their customers. It’s a win-win-win.
At HGS, we know that we cannot rest on our laurels when it comes to satisfied customers or employees. That means we think outside the box. For example, our U.S. work-at-home employment launch has enabled the virtual workforce to grow by 70% since September 2018. HGS was able to assist a client seasonal demand by adding 600 agents in a four-month period. We now support 11 clients with 15 unique programs from work @home.


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Wendy Shlensky
Wendy Shlensky

Vice President and Global Head of Public Relations and Industry Analyst Relations for HGS

She started in Industry Analyst Relations over 15 years ago when someone took a chance on her.  Fifteen years and three companies later, she is a sought-after professional specializing in working for “Outsourcing” firms.  She thrives on promoting Industry Analyst Relations and women’s empowerment, as well as facilitating networking opportunities for people in her corner of the world. She won the coveted HGS CEO award in 2016.

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