Social Media Customer Service - Now More Important Than Ever.

Posted by Jennifer Flaig

What do you do when you order a pair of shoes online – you get them and it’s the wrong color or size? Or what do you do when it’s been a long day, you’re ready to go home and then you find out that your flight is cancelled or delayed? If you’re like me and millions of other consumers across the globe, you jump on twitter and voice your frustration.

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More and more, people are going to social media before picking up the phone to express their complaints. Consumers can engage with brands any time they want and they can do it on multiple social channels.  Hubshout recently posted some interesting statics around Social Media customer service:

  • 57% of customers think that a brand’s customer service response time should be the same on the weekdays and weekends.
  • 32% of customers said that they expect a response from a brand within 30 minutes.
  • 53% of people who engage with a brand on Twitter expect a response in 1 hour or less.
  • 72% of customers said that they expect a response from a brand within an hour if they have a question or complaint.
  • 38% of people reported having negative sentiments towards a brand who didn’t give them a timely response to their customer service issue on social media.
  • 40% of customers who weren’t able to get their issue resolved ended up calling the company.
  • 36% of customers said that they were able to get their issue resolved quickly.
  • 62% of brands are replying to questions and comments on social media in 2013 opposed to 30% in 2012.
  • 24 hours was the average Facebook response time of the Top 100 U.S. Retailers.
  • 11 hours and 15 minutes was the average Twitter response time of the Top 100 U.S. Retailers.

Here are 3 tips every organization should be doing with their social media channels:

  • Engage your customers: For example, when a customer posts a question to your Facebook wall, interact with them and make them feel valued. We engage customers through our clients brand’s social media channels, like Facebook, Twitter, etc. When a customer posts a comment to your Facebook wall, we’ll interact based on preset guidelines.
  • Go above and beyond to deliver great customer service: With a strong customer-care focus, our front-line teams are well equipped to strategically join conversations to dispel myths, strengthen loyalty, and acquire and protect customer relationships.
  • Use social media Research, Insights and Analytics: At HGS, we analyze what customers say about our clients’ brands on social media. Through our solution, we can track the volume and topics of customers’ conversations: what they say, how they feel, and where exactly they post about your brands, products, and services.

At HGS, we recommend starting with passive monitoring techniques, to gather information from millions of Internet sites, including blogs, social media outlets such as Facebook or Twitter, and informational sites, such as news websites and magazine sites. Armed with this information, your company will be able to see what type of information consumers are talking about, and begin to formulate a strategy to engage these consumers in the future.

HGS can help to untangle the web for you, and make sense of your social media strategy by providing tools to monitor, understand, and engage your online consumers.

Interested in more information? Send an email to our team for a complimentary analysis on what your customers are saying about your brand on the web.