Teamwork: It’s Not Just for the World Cup

Posted by Kathy Hamburger

I’m not a big soccer fan, but it’s difficult to not get excited about the World Cup. What team are you rooting for? Just as soccer relies on individuals working together toward a common goal – winning the World Cup trophy – teamwork is a crucial part of business success. A productive team has players who have a strong foundation, share common goals, and have a common vision.

Since I joined HGS USA in 2012, our company has seen a great deal of changes, inclusive of unpredictability in the economy, stiffening regulatory policies, and shifts in the mix of consumers and the way these consumers choose to interact with our clients. When confronted with challenges like these, the companies that thrive are the ones that transform the way they do business – adapting to new circumstances and getting out in front of future changes before they arise. That’s what HGS USA is doing. We’re transforming who our company is and improving the way we do things. And it all begins with the HGS USA Team.

None of our successes could have been accomplished without the commitment of our people to working as a team. Working together has been – and will continue to be – perhaps the most important transformation that our organization faces. Over the past two years, the leadership and staff of HGS USA have built a new culture of teamwork and mutual support that exemplifies what it means to be “One HGS.” Just like the World Cup is bringing together fans and athletes from across the world, we are reaching across boundaries and pulling together for the good of the organization. We all work together to meet our own mission and end goal: making our clients more competitive, each and every day..

These are changing times in the BPM industry. Thanks to the hard work, adaptability, and thought leadership of our people, HGS USA is demonstrating that it can meet the challenge and chart a course for the future. We look forward to building on our achievements in the coming year ... and contributing to our own world team—One HGS. The best is yet to come!

So, who do you think will win the World Cup? Tweet me @kathyhamburger with your predictions.

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