Transformational HR is a BPM Differentiator

Posted by Kathy Lloyd

Transformational HR is gaining recognition as a differentiator for business process management (BPM) vendors. Companies seeking to outsource business processes want vendors to demonstrate how their team members will make a difference and drive an upward change in such metrics as Net Promotor Scores and customer experience optimization. Alignment of strategic and innovative human resources objectives that have been measured for success add great value when responding to an RFP.

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So how does a company inspire HR specialists to become transformational HR leaders? It requires forward-thinking vision, strong communication, and a focus on partnerships with both Operations and your clients.

A successful transformation strategy recognizes that administration is tactical. Although efficient administration is a necessary requirement in Human Resources, goals should not focus on cost reduction wins only. Innovative goals focus on predicting changes to the business. With the accelerating pace of business that often results in quarterly changes in direction, HR support and services must keep up.

  1. Does your talent acquisition model attract top candidates for your clients?
  2. Is your talent acquisition model flexible enough to react to short notice needs?
  3. Have you centralized HR specialties to eliminate time spent on recreating the wheel?
  4. Have you replaced manual tasks with automation or self-serve options to increase opportunity for strategy and analysis?
  5. Are you measuring return on investment, especially transformational HR projects for inclusion in future RFP submissions?

Operational Alignment
Human Resources departments that are aligned with Operations will provide people management programs that enhance performance and target metrics of importance or focus on those needing improvement. Transformational HR specialists organize regular one-on-one and team meetings with Operations leaders in order to:

  • Improve their understanding of the business model, objectives and challenges.
  • Improve their understanding of business competition and global pressures.
  • Connect and align HR people management practices with operational objectives.
  • Improve collaboration between HR leaders and Operations leaders.
  • Make regular deposits in each operational leader’s Emotional Bank Account (EBA).

Analyze and Measure
The ability to demonstrate success requires the measurement of data and the ability to analyze and speak to the results. Transformational HR specialists can readily tell you how much cost was saved, complete a post analysis of programs/policies/procedures, analyze market and talent management trends, and understand employee survey data in order to tie retention enhancements to employee feedback.

Measuring an individual HR professional’s success is achieved through scorecards that contain metrics aligned with business objectives. Contractual compliance, attrition, employee reliability, talent acquisition, and employee satisfaction results are measurements that indicate whether HR solutions and strategies are contributing to the objectives of the business.

Training and Development
The ever-increasing pace of business also makes it important to focus on improving the competency level of your HR specialists, especially if you are transforming your HR department from tactical to strategic. The success of a transformational HR strategy will require a close look at current HR job descriptions and hiring practices. Understanding the business requires HR specialists to be critical thinkers and competent with data analytics. Are you assessing these competencies in your current and future HR specialists now?

Inspiring unification begins with the strong communication of the vision. A shift to transformational HR will excite HR specialists who are passionate about growth and knowledge and care about both business and people success. This same shift will cause fear and uncertainty in those who have limiting beliefs, such as fear they will not understand a new practice or fear they will lose autonomy. Facing the questions, fears, and uncertainty, armed with a clear demonstration of the benefits and support available, will increase effectiveness when communicating your vision and strategy.

Transformational HR is a game changer for your company. Step out of your comfort zone and be a risk taker.

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