Want Improved CSAT? Help Customers Help Themselves

Posted by Jon Ellsworth,
Technical Services Business Development


Posted by Keith Brickell,
HGS Business Development Manager, Technical Services

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It’s a simple fact: Customers today demand exceptional experiences. In a recent survey done by Forrester Research, 76% of executives said they aim to differentiate with customer satisfaction. However the majority of these same executives state no clear strategy in place to support this goal. At HGS, we have the blueprint to a better customer experience. In effect, our entire process focuses on creativity with data analytics and call deflection to refine and enhance the customer experience to improve service quality, CSAT, and NPS, while also driving down costs.

To this point, HGS’s own Chris Lord, Senior Vice President, Global Growth Strategy and Marketing, recently highlighted a thought-provoking statistic: 90% of consumers always check a company’s website before emailing or calling. This behavior pattern has profound implications for the future balance of voice versus self-service. It also tells us that the trend toward self-service is as much about improving the customer experience and meeting customers in their channel of choice as it is about cost reduction.

At HGS, we understand that simple call deflection strategies are being replaced by intelligent self-service portals on websites, webchat, and intuitive IVR menus. And, not surprisingly, while all verticals are adopting self-service, the telecom vertical outranked other segments, accounting for 27% of those companies converting to transformational CMS, according to recent Nelson Hall research. As a leading contact center provider to the telecom vertical, HGS has a strategic focus on these companies. The HGS Global Telecom Practice accounts for a significant portion of our growth, including more than have of our talented team members. 

The main drivers for the adoption of transformational CMS support (for more on our Business Transformation, read Keith’s recent blog entry about HGS’s success in this area) include reducing cost while improving revenue generation and customer satisfaction, and moving to online channels. Our clients are witnessing the results firsthand. And we’re ready to share our insights and innovation with more of you.