What it Takes to be the Best: TeamHGS Shares Golden Highlights

It’s been a harvest of customer experience gold for HGS in 2015, as we’ve been recognized across-the-globe with first-place customer service wins at the Contact Center World (CCW) Awards (what some refer to as the “Olympics of the call center world”). HGS has claimed four golds at the Contact Center World Awards. As indicated by our peer recognition and ‘triple crown’ success across the UK, USA, and Canada, at HGS we are leading the BPM industry in optimizing the customer experience.

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HGS CCW accolades include:

  • Two first place awards for "Best in Customer Service" (Gold)
  • “Best Outsourcing Partnership” (Gold)
  • "Best Outsourcing Partnership" (Silver)
  • "Best Large Contact Center" (Gold)
  • And, a host of individual recognitions for HGS employees

What it Takes: Customer Service

The best means you are building an environment of customer care solutions that provide a positive current for success. In the story shared at Contact Center World, HGS achieved best-ever NPS results for a Fortune 100 financial services client. At the core of this partnership success is a five-year NPS surge, from 28.4% to 58.7% in 2015, a 107% increase.

The result of building the positive current was an optimized customer experience. By building and sustaining high levels of customer service HGS achieved best ever NPS results that improve every quarter year-over-year with a 7-point plan:

  1. Employee Profiling—Have the right team, properly motivated, with good leadership and a clear vision of what exceptional looks like.
  2. New Hire Training—Emphasize the importance of call listening, practice and brilliance in the basics from day one.
  3. Customer experience BluePrint—Have a customer experience blueprint mapping key moments of truth and frustration within each interaction.
  4. ICU Intensive Support & Certification—Maintain a level of results achieved and create a wave of positivity.
  5. Pay for Performance—Encourage employees to perform and sustain performance levels entails a variable pay structure that has an incentive attached to metrics that drive the card members’ experience and enables employees to double their pay with individual NPS reach.
  6. Analytics & Insights—Using text and voice analytical tools provides you with opportunities to enhance your performance levels.
  7. Professional Coaches and Accountability—Making time for 1:1 coaching and employee growth when necessary is a crucial step in the process.

“The gold award is more validation that our commitment to ‘creating a positive current’ in the contact center for every employee to succeed from day one is paying off,” said HGS Global Marketing Senior Vice President Andrew Kokes. “Not only are we raising NPS and achieving best- ever results for our clients, but we are being recognized by our peers and other global brands we respect for having great people and quality processes.”

Here’s some detail on the high-ROI consumer interaction and marketing solutions that won us the gold:

What It Takes: Outsourcing

HGS’s Best Outsourcing relationship recognition references another of our prime examples of optimized customer experience: two companies working together to change that paradigm of how service is delivered. For this client partner, we created a web-as-a- channel of first line engagement to proactively solve customer support needs before an escalation to an agent is ever needed.

This partnership illustrates how HGS can successfully transition and transform our clients, from self-op to outsourced servicing focus that delivers real results. From day one, HGS understood this client’s requirement and Image removed.key priorities: to reduce operational costs and provide customers with the best experience. The client’s partnership with HGS was one that thrived on qualities of listening, challenging odds, executing the right solutions, analyzing performance, and re-calibrating solutions. “Reduction in operational costs meant bringing down resource cost by relying more on self-serve platforms,” said Best Outsourcing Partnership presenter, HGS Director of Business Development Keith Brickell. “This is what we did for this client – we used data on customer call drivers and sentiment in designing the self-help portal. Quality customer service required us to have the executive goals clearly stated and communicated to us by the client. This gave us maximum understanding of the issues and the best channels in which to help consumers resolve them.”

“Our association with this client has been truly a rewarding experience and is the embodiment of how a business partnership between a company and a BPO can be made beneficial,” Brickell summarized.

What It Takes: Large Contact Center, Partnerships

In the UK, HGS's longstanding partnerships with Kimberly Clark and Unilever won recognitions for "Best in Customer Service" and "Best Outsourcing Partnership," respectively, while its contact center in Preston, UK retained the title of "Best Large Outsourced Contact Center" for the third consecutive year, for its Retention & Loyalty program for UK-based TalkTalk telecom.

Matthew Vallance, CEO for HGS Europe summarized that the award is testimony to HGS’s signature customer experience focus , supported by the competence of our Delivery teams, to drive transformational change for our clients' businesses.

The CCW awards process started with online application, peer judging of entries, and presentations, delivered to the panel of judges and delegates from across the Contact Center World community. HGS now advances to an end-of-the-year global competition, in Las Vegas.

Noting that the cross-geo golds are a sure indicator of One HGS success, Brickell said, “It was an honor to represent a global team that came together to make this success story happen. These case studies are highlights of HGS’s everyday best and they showcase our customer experience leadership, across accounts and geos.”


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