Client Testimonials

World's Largest Car Sharing and Car Club Service

I wanted to take quick moment to acknowledge the help of the HGS team. They've been an excellent partner for us as we try to get back on our feet. At times over the past 72 hours, they have been our ears while we've hit the pavement to confirm the status of locations and vehicles. Through our partnership we've been able to help thousands of members get on their way safely in very trying times. I have seen in tickets members looking to evacuate, get to loved ones, and help friends and family. HGS has been great in handling all situations, in some cases with blind knowledge while we've been assessing our inventory and fleet. Thank you HGS team. You were extremely helpful.
National Member Services Manager

Fortune 50 Healthcare Company

Wow! You have again exceeded all expectations. I am truly touched and humbled. I am proud to have family around the world. Family, love, trust and appreciation are all words that come to mind when I think of each of you. Thank you so much for sharing the special moments with me.
Business Information Management Analyst

Fortune 100 Healthcare Payer

The information you shared with us was extremely valuable in understanding your operations. I look forward to learning more about the Governance Process you use to drive accountability and improve performance. I believe it might be something that we can replicate with our stateside teams.
CIT Director

Leading Southeastern US Hospital

I am grateful for our business relationship and undeniably, it has been a pleasure working with you. I am happy that we are partnering with your firm and now I believe it is the right match for us. As previously shared, I must say I have never been this impressed with an external business partner in my 15 year tenure in the health care industry than I have experienced with your firm.
Head of Customer Service

Fortune 100 Financial Services Client

It's our vision to become the most respected service brand and it is you, our agents who are making this happen through each and every interaction with our customers. It is your hard work and dedication that as a team we are now recognized across the Company as a significant contributor for driving superior customer service.
Vice President