"The HGS Colibrium 360 Platform provides health plans with end-to-end sales and service capabilities, the ability to improve service levels, marketing campaign support, and business intelligence. The integration of the HGS Colibrium 360 Platform with BPO services positions HGS to meet its customers' evolving needs in the rapidly changing health insurance market."

Vicki Jenkins, CMS Industry Analyst with NelsonHall

"The acquisition of Colibrium enables HGS to create an extended, seamless consumer/member lifecycle operation with clients. Colibrium has a well-regarded platform for sales, enrollment, and member management in healthcare, which it also uses to stand up call center capability for clients."

Barbra McGann, analyst with HfS Research

Delivering Sales and Service Results

In this post-reform environment, the shift from employer coverage to consumerism, rising consumer expectations, and cost-containment pressures are creating challenges for many carriers. Additionally, the health insurance exchange has emerged, with the ultimate aim to manage cost without compromising wellness and safety outcomes. With our market-leading Tuo® software, HGS Colibrium is positioned to bring the right solution that meets a carrier's sales and service automation needs. How? We're a company forged by health insurance industry insiders. With more than a decade of experience in the field, we're able to bring those insights to life with the products we provide. Through our sales and service platform, HGS Colibrium, generates complete customer visibility, consistent user experience, reduced AHT, and transparency. Platform integration features system consolidation, for a single view of customer history and multi-channel integration.

How We Do It

  • For targeted marketing automation, Tuo Marketplace can work seamlessly with our Tuo CRM overlay, which complements existing platforms like Salesforce and Dynamics, instantly transforming them into health carrier-specific solutions. For sales optimization, Tuo Marketplace can also function with HGS Member Acquisition, which leverages HGS's BPO and domain insurance expertise to drive carrier membership growth and retention through our back-office support. Tuo Marketplace, Tuo CRM, and HGS Member Acquisition can be sold, individually, or together in any combination to meet the ever-changing needs of your business.
  • Tuo's Marketing, Sales, and Service automation features agile capabilities that are preconfigured to carrier needs, with minimal additional configuration. For carriers, you'll reap the cost savings at deployment and across the total cost of ownership, as we train our teams to adapt to your changing business needs.

Our Value

  • Improves consumer journey through seamless software integration
  • Enables proactive member support and offers insight via analytics
  • End-to-end capabilities - Because our member acquisition team uses our integrated Tuo platform, efficiency is 20%-40% greater than BPO vendors lacking such platforms.
  • Improves Star rating and compliance
  • More than 35 referable clients
  • Average sales conversion rate with HGS Member Acquisition: 36% with a high of 47%
  • Increased cross-selling of ancillary products by 200% with HGS Member Acquisition
  • Decreased direct acquisition costs by 66%
  • Increased efficiency within Member Acquisition Team by 20-40% more than BPO vendors lacking such platforms