COVID-19 call triage and nurse hotline

Front-end triage for your COVID-19 patients’ inquiries to quickly direct them to the most clinically appropriate next steps.

HGS, a leader in telephone nurse triage Photo of image social sharing about coronawith more than 30 years of experience, can help with an easy-to-implement solution that health plans, hospital systems, and medical organizations can use to direct patients during the COVID-19 crisis.

A coronavirus-trained hotline can be implemented with minimal time requirements.

In these challenging times, HGS provides front-line support for your COVID-19 callers with qualified US-based RNs, enabling your regular teams to focus on critical case requirements. HGS’s established clinical support lines are here to keep you dedicated to your essential core missions. You can be assured that our clinical experts are guiding callers with professional health information and providing self-care/self-quarantine guidance.

Maximize your provider capacity through proven Nurse Triage:

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  • Excellent front-end to telehealth and provider groups.  We screen out, educate, and support those who should be managed at home and direct only appropriate patients to providers or emergency departments.
  • Enhanced services specifically for COVID-19. Our proven clinical algorithm approach matches physicians in triage quality and care recommendations.
  • Hotline integration. Our hotline can be integrated into your existing call tree or use a dedicated number.
  • Omni-channel solutions. We’ve developed omni-channel solutions designed for high-touch patient experience. 

Our nurse triage solution includes US-based nurses, a hotline that can integrate into an existing call tree or a dedicated number, and our proven clinical algorithm approach that has a high correlation rate with physicians in triage quality and care recommendations. Using the tool, our nurses can support your COVID-19 callers with self-care guidance, assess the caller’s condition, and direct them to the most appropriate level of care. This is an omni-channel solution designed for high-touch patient experience and better outcomes.

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