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Insurance customers like to know the status of their claims. They want to research claims status, explanation of benefits, and proof of insurance. HGS DigiCX® is leading with powerful self-service, intelligently integrating people when it adds value and optimizing engagement with analytics and automation. Schedule a demo to learn more.


Robotic Process Automation driving cost simplification & reducing time

HGS's Robotic Process Automation can help drive significant change in both front office and back office work. It can improve accuracy and quality in the short term and increase productivity & improve process time in the long run.

The Uberification of Health Insurance

Digital transformation for improved member experience and operational efficiency

Business Intelligence

HGS recognized by NelsonHall as a leader for CMS in High Tech, and in the Cost Reduction Focus market segment.


Digital Transformation to Unify the Customer Experience

Earlier this year, HGS released a white paper on this year's 10 customer experience disrupters—those that are sure to alter the CX landscape this year. Every month, we've dedicated a blog to each of these CX game changers. Here we dissect our last 2016 Disrupter: Digital Transformation to Unify the Customer Experience

- Mandeep Singh Kwatra

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