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HGS Industry Specific Capabilities & Solutions

When customers log on to a automotive brand webpage, they expect to be able to resolve their issues quickly, check information on various car models, see product reviews, gather information on finances and insurance. HGS DigiCX is leading with powerful self-service, intelligently integrating people when it adds value and optimizing engagement with analytics and automation. Schedule a demo to learn more.


Video Chat at Core of Concierge Service Delivery

Partnering with HGS, the client built a state-of-the art customer care center in under two months. Using the DigiCX platform and suite of products, the customer care center supports unified engagement via voice, email, chat, and high-impact video chat.

Making Speech Analytics Work

In Conversation with a Chatbot: Speaking the Language of Today's CX

Business Intelligence

What's Next in CX: Top 10 Trends to Reduce Customer Effort in 2017 - Effortless customer experiences that lead with self-service are the fastest way to control costs.


Differentiating and Understanding Roadside Assistance in Emerging Markets

The adoption pattern of Roadside Assistance (RSA) in emerging markets comprises two kinds of vehicle manufacturing companies:

  • The first type hasn't yet initiated RSA as part of their solution offering
  • The other type has some form of RSA at various levels of maturity

- Anup Sukumar and Nipun Sethi

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