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Winning Market Share in a "Mobile First" Environment

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Retail banking customers service solutions research, purchase and manage increasingly complex banking services on demand using mobile devices anytime, anywhere. The channels through which customers interact with banks provide challenges, but also opportunities.

With experience in retail banking solutions, banking bpo solutions, card servicing, customer care, collections, fraud detection and prevention, and mobile app development, HGS seamlessly integrates the front, middle, and back offices. By applying analytics to drive process, staffing, and technology changes, we improve the overall customer experience and dramatically increase Net Promoter Scores.

HGS manages over 10 million unique and interactive transactions per month in client partnerships that exceed 14 years. We help Fortune 1000 banking clients in North America, Europe, Australia, Asia, South America and the Caribbean meet their objectives by creating a differentiated customer experience across multiple communication channels.

How we do it

  • Exceptional front line service is just our baseline. We apply speech and text analytics to identify call drivers, monitor customer sentiment, and understand how to better align our people, process, and technology to improve the overall customer experience.
  • Using proven processes and technologies to better segment customers, anticipate their needs, and target more relevant offers, we increase revenue uplift.
  • By deploying call deflection strategies such as self-help portals, social CRM, IVR optimization, CRM integration, and website modifications, HGS saves our banking clients millions of dollars each year.
  • Taking a holistic view of the customer experience, we develop and support mobile apps and ensure a seamless customer experience regardless of channel.
  • By handling front- and back-office tasks simultaneously, HGS provided the growth from one LOB and 25 FTEs in a single location to seven LOBs and 800+ FTEs in four centers across two countries.
  • Our PCI compliance ensures your customer data is always protected.
  • Customer Effort Score (CES) reduction strategies that ensure faster issue resolution with fewer escalations, transfers, and repeat contacts.

HGS has come up with really good ideas to increase performance. They continue to have a strong leadership presence and good governance.

Head of Customer Service Delivery - Fortune 500 Financial Services Company