​​​​​​​Consumer-Driven Healthcare Solutions

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  • Web and mobile experience design
  • Search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing
  • Google ads
  • Landing page
Photo of image Choosing a Plan

Choosing a Plan

  • Voice, click-to-chat for sales support, and general questions
  • Chat analytics for proactive chat invites
  • Web portal for plan shopping
  • Live or virtual assistant for quotes
Photo of image Enrollment and Onboard

Enrollment and Onboard

  • Telesales with licensed agents
  • Back-office new member welcome kits fulfillment
  • Self-service for member portal
  • Chat for member portal set up and assistance
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Market Review

  • Text or speech analytics for VOC
  • Intuitive marketing
  • Omnichannel community events support
  • Online reputation management
Photo of image Finding the Right Provider

Finding the Right Provider

  • Virtual assistant for “find a doctor”
  • Provider directories
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Nurse concierge via phone, chat, or video chat
Photo of image Support or Submit a Claim

Support or Submit a Claim

  • Phone support for claims status
  • Billing support services, Medical coding, Medical cost management, prior authorizations
  • Customer care
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Care Management

  • Wellness preventative outbound support
  • Case and utilization management
  • Identifying and delivering a care plan via analytics
  • Omni channel education and preventative communication
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Member/provider lifecycle management, predictive analytics, claims benefit management, medical cost management, workers' Compensation services
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Revenue cycle management, licensed care professionals, patient engagement, remote patient monitoring
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Pharma and Life Sciences   

Data analytics, customer inquiries, technical support, supply chain management, clinical trial support, fulfillment, research analysis, benefits coordination
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Labs and DME

Multi-language customer support, technical support, triage and order intake, customer qualification services, collections/billing

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Workers' Comp

It is different from other insurances because the injury to the worker affects the relationship between the injured worker and their employer.

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Drive Value Across Every Aspect of
Health Plan Operations

HGS Health+CARE assists payers by supporting transformative initiatives across your entire ecosystem

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Transforming Traditional Care Management with CarePoint

Imagine if you could identify your members by chronic conditions and vulnerabilities, while realizing significant cost avoidance for your members? HGS's NCQA-accredited CarePoint helps you to accomplish both.


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Looking to improve patient health outcomes?


Make Patient Engagement a Priority

HGS Health+CARE knows the pressures that provider practices face and understands where to focus assets for optimal patient experience

Healthcare Provider Journey

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HGS Population Health Management: Driving Better Outcomes for Providers and Patients

In the changing healthcare marketplace, technological efficiencies and strategic


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Recovering $140 Million for Diagnostics Leader

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Steering Nearly 60% Collections Improvement for a Health System

A Pennsylvania-based health system was struggling to support growth of a complex

Need to unlock efficiencies within your pharma operations?


Control Costs While Driving Business Process Transformation 

HGS's Health+CARE deep pharma expertise and industry-leading compliance ensure process excellence

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation driving cost simplification & reducing time

Companies with large scale staffing for back office work with agents performing high-volume, highly transactional processes now use robotic process...

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Integrating Front-Office and Back-Office Processes to Drive Real Outcomes

Three decades of customer care expertise and industry-leading compliance


Supporting DME Provider Growth with Stellar Collections

At a time of shifting priorities, a large home healthcare and equipment provider was


Employing Process, Automation, and Clinical Expertise to Recover $140 Million for Diagnostics Leader

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Driving Revenue in an FDA-Regulated Environment

HGS’s Multi-Channel Contact Center Ensures Revenue through Upselling, and Proper Use of

Armed with our deep healthcare expertise, you can anticipate previously unidentified CX needs