In today's healthcare marketplace, technological efficiencies, and strategic service offerings have started to revolutionize the way care is provided. These value-based care initiatives with federal and state mandates have converged with the goal of creating a system that is patient-centered and outcomes based, while also lowering the overall cost of care. In this new healthcare landscape, population health management (PHM) is a key area of focus for both providers and payers.

Today's healthcare professionals have significant opportunity to optimize population health—from insights gained through the analysis of administrative and clinical data that includes case histories,outcomes from patient care and coaching services. HGS provides end-to-end support from data mining so healthcare professionals can positively affect patient/member health outcome, through PHM processes that also bend the cost curve. Our 15,000 healthcare professionals, including 1,500 registered nurses, employed across our provider and payer business lines, are brand ambassadors for our clients, actively supporting health information lines, nurse triage, level-of-care assessments, and wellness solutions. These team members bring a distinctive combination of professional certification in their respective specialties, protocol adherence, deep domain knowledge, agile workflow innovation, and call center expertise with empathetic and patient-focused service focus.

According to the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions survey of hospital CEOs, population health analytics investment is the highest-rated analytics priority for healthcare organizations.

How We Do It

HGS's unique combination of team and technology work together to optimize patient outcomes. HGS's clinically skilled team members deliver:

  • Patient Community Analytics, including Cost-of-Care Analysis
  • Home Health Coordination
  • Health Coaching
  • Fall Prevention Support
  • Medication Adherence
  • Behavioral Health Support
  • Wellness and Preventative Services
  • Community Health Events Support

Our Value

HGS can provide Population Health Management to drive real outcomes, such as:

  • Cost containment, supported by our rightshoring approach and innovative solutions such as intelligent automation and omnichannel support
  • Enhanced patient and provider satisfaction, with enhanced Star ratings and NPS and CSAT scores
  • Responsive and proactive customer care, with preventive and proactive patient care management and dramatically improved outcomes
  • Omnichannel (voice, chat, text) focus for optimized patient engagement
  • Reduced re-admissions through remote patient care and coaching
  • Provider-payer lifecycle expertise and focus comprising of PHM-focused data-insights and guidance
  • Cost savings and better understanding of patient/member populations gained from extensive data analytics.
  • Intelligent automation to relieve providers of the capital and time investment in developing these capabilities in house
Serving Patients on behalf of Providers and Payers
Industry-Leading Compliance
Holistic Provider-Payer Lifecycle Focus