Partnering with HGS gives you instant access to experienced, industry experts who develop solution sets to support your goals and drive immediate impact. Our forward-looking solutions are designed to evolve with your industry, ensuring your business is always well positioned for future growth.

Consumer Electronics & Technology

Few outsourcing companies can boast 40+ year relationships with clients in an industry as dynamic as technology. Since 1973, HGS has partnered with a Japanese, world-leader in consumer electronics adapting from supporting dozens of products to thousands while guiding the company to adopt innovative call deflection and self-service strategies. HGS provides full-service inbound contact center and fulfilment solutions to consumer electronics manufacturers around the world, integrating multiple customer interaction channels to maximize customer satisfaction and reduce cost.

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Consumer Packaged Goods

CPG companies are challenged by the need to balance traditional retail and wholesale channels with the need to follow consumers into emerging channels such as mobile and social.

HGS consumer care programs increase consumer satisfaction and build brand loyalty by bridging the gap between channels. We aggregate information from sources including the brand website, social media sites, and retailer store data. Then, our processes identify important data points and collect data across the entire path to purchase.

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Financial Services

Retail banking customers want to research, purchase and manage increasingly complex banking services on demand using mobile devices anytime, anywhere.

The channels through which customers interact with banks provide challenges, but also opportunities.

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For payers and providers, there’s been a paradigm shift occurs within the post-reform healthcare landscape. Today our clients are emphasizing new and nontraditional areas, like mobile applications, multichannel engagement strategies, and outcome-based business models. With more than 15 years of deep domain experience and 10,000 healthcare professionals (including 1,100 nurses) serving 100 million members, HGS Health+CARE drives better payer and provider outcomes by:

  • Enabling a concierge approach, with 24x7x365 service
  • Integrating the healthcare front office with the claims and healthcare management back office
  • Leveraging analytics and the HGS Digital Natural Assist
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Increased competition, slow growth, and consolidation in the insurance industry means the ability to provide an exceptional customer experience across the lifecycle needs to be a crucial part of your differentiation strategy.

HGS insurance bpo solutions, whether processing and decisioning claims or interacting directly with customers, are designed to look beyond sales to helping companies understand how and why customers want to use the product.

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Public Sector

In an environment where citizen expectations are rising, budget reductions and "doing more with less" remains a priority, HGS understands the need for efficient delivery and first time resolution. We work with government departments and public sector organisations to deliver cost effective and self-funding services that meet public expectations.

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Digital innovation has shifted power from brands to customers. The customer is now in control and delivering an exceptional customer experience means providing service in the channels they prefer 24x7.

HGS provides pre- and post-sale support services that resolve issues on first contact; keep existing customers loyal and well-positioned for future spend, and grow your top line revenue. Focused on building and protecting your brand, managing seasonal peaks, growing average order value and improving the customer experience across every channel, we'll help you build lasting relationships with high-value customers.

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Supporting a diverse and ever-changing product suite cost effectively while maintaining customer loyalty and driving higher average revenue per user is a challenging balance. With customers quick to switch to lower cost providers and a constant evolution of new products and technologies, providing exceptional customer service in the telecommunications space requires more innovation than ever before.

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Travel & Hospitality

While airlines and hotels grapple with the shift toward more direct interaction with consumers, independent of travel agents, they also need to balance an increased demand for offer personalization and a transition to online customer contact channels. HGS improves personalized guest engagement by offering unified, multichannel service to hotels, airlines, and travel support businesses.

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