Seasonal Staffing

To accommodate volume surges during certain peak seasons, HGS has flexible staffing strategies and a work-at-home-agent model. In addition to effectively managing human resources to accommodate fluctuating contact volumes, HGS uses high-performance retail omnichannel solutions. We deflect contacts from expensive phone channels by integrating Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) with computer-based and mobile-friendly chat and click-to-talk.

RPA and Digital Transformation

HGS digital solutions include omnichannel, seamless support catering to customer preference. Our DigiCX® solutions suite provides the most convenient channel for quick resolution—fromDigiTEXT®, DigiCHAT, DigiWEB®, and DigiSOCIAL®, to voice. Our digital strategies help retailers get found online while reducing shopping cart abandonment and increasing average order size.

Success Stories

HGS Industry Specific Capabilities & Solutions

When customers visit your website, they expect to be able to resolve their own issues, quickly; check product availability, see product reviews, and access coupons and special offers. HGS DigiCX® is leading with powerful self-service, intelligently integrating people when it adds value and optimizing engagement with analytics and automation. Schedule a demo to learn more.


DigiCX®: Personalized Connections for a Luxury Brand Experience

As a successful, luxury car brand, this client was looking to extend their brand in Europe and ensure an exemplary customer experience every step of the way. Partnering with HGS, the client built a state-of-the art customer care center in under two months.

Making Speech Analytics Work

Speech analytics empowers organizations to conduct precision-based training, targeting pain points in service delivery, creating empowered agents, and driving increased customer satisfaction.

Business Intelligence

HGS recognized as a leader by NelsonHall in the Digital Marketing Execution market segment.


3 Ways to Harness Retail Disruption: Takeaways from STORE 2015

I recently attended the Retail Council of Canada's STORE 2015 event in Toronto. The event shed light on the landscape shifts significantly affecting the retail market today: most specifically, the need for "convergence" of selling modes. From mobile to Internet to brick and mortar, today's customers are "choosing their own experiences."

- John Hooper

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