With customers quick to switch to lower-cost providers and a constant evolution of new products and technologies, exceptional telecom customer service requires more innovation than ever before.​​​​​​​

CX Innovation That Keeps Your Brand in Touch

​​​​​​​Solutions That Innovate the Telecom Consumer Journey

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  • Web and mobile experience design
  • Search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing (SMM)
  • Data-driven digital marketing and insights
  • Online reputation management
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Visit Site or Store Shop Plans

  • Voice, click-to-chat for sales support, and general questions
  • Chat analytics for proactive chat invites
  • Web portal and virtual assistant for plan shopping or quotes
  • Cart abandonment promo offers and chat invites
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Enroll, Set Up, & Activation

  • Back-office for order processing and fulfilment
  • “Where’s my order” SMS alerts
  • Chat with co-browse for account set up assistance
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  • Self-service portal for customer FAQs
  • Mobile cam for installation and use assistance
  • ”How to” videos for support
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Make a Payment

  • SMS bill pay reminders
  • Mobile messaging, virtual assistant, phone, chat, self-service for easy payment
  • IVR–make a payment
  • Automation for billing, invoicing, back office
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Warranty or Return

  • Phone or chat for warranty management
  • Warranty analytics
  • Save the sale/returns reduction program
  • Back office for warranty claims mgmt
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Renew or Review

  • Text and speech analytics for VOC
  • Social care and moderation
  • Automatic Surveys


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Proven upselling and cross-selling strategies

Analytics solutions use big data to understand customers better and present the right offers at the right times for increased revenue generation.

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Customer Care

Activations, billing, order fulfillment

End-to-end consumer and business support for fixed line, mobile, satellite, broadband, and TV, ranging from dual-play to quad-play service offerings.

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Technical Support

Trouble ticketing, dispatch, warranty replacement; end-to-end back- and front-office services for traditional and emerging services, such as fiber to the home and machine-to-machine support

Troubleshooting including remote assistance on end-user configuration, and escalations to repair and test network operations, dispatch client personnel, and follow-up on inquires and escalations.

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