Workers' Comp

Driving Savings and SLA Excellence

HGS’s deep domain expertise and consultative approach bring value and trust

Workers' Comp is different from other insurances because the injury to the worker affects the relationship between the injured worker and their employer. HGS understands the ecosystem – consumers, providers, and insurance plans – enabling us to achieve stellar results for our clients. Our services include medical bill review services all the way to complex clinical reviews, accurate coding, reevaluations, auditing services, TPM, FCM, provider panel, provider data management, provider negotiations, and contact center.

What we do differently:

  • HGS requires our coders to have a bachelor’s degree
  • We keep up with fee schedules across all 50 states and developed a tool that ensures the right schedule is used every time
  • HGS approaches every partnership with full transparency. We share all results with clients. Don’t be surprised if we ask you about the challenges and the resolution.
Case Study

Delivering Innovation and $20 Million in Annual Savings for Workers’ Compensation Administrator

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Case Study

Driving $70 Million in Savings for a Workers' Comp Payer

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Workers’ Compensation: Return-to-Work Focus to Drive Savings, TAT, and SLA Excellence