Media Relations

Media Relations

To schedule interviews with HGS management and subject experts, and for general inquiries
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Unlock the power of delivering great CX through our advanced contact center analytics platform
Provider Database Management
Five strategies for effectively managing a work-at-home solution
10 steps to launch a work-at-home solution
Provider: COVID-19 Call Triage & Hotline
Payer: COVID-19 Call Triage & Hotline
HGS Work@Home: Supporting Employee Retention, Seasonal Agility, Cost-Containment
The Journey to Resilience
Digital Transformation for Contact Centers
Tips for Integrating AI, Bots, and Analytics Ahead of Peak Holiday Season

Annual Reports

HGS Holding Structure
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Subsidiary Companies Accounts Report

HGS International, Mauritius
Hinduja Global Solutions Inc.
HGS Properties LLC
HGS Canada Holdings LLC
HGS Colibrium LLC
HGS Healthcare LLC
HGS Digital, LLC (Formerly known as Element Solutions LLC)
HGS Canada Inc

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