Is BPO The Solution To Patient Contact Center Modernization?

By Anand Natampalli, vice president, global business development, HGS

Contact centers were created to manage many of the administrative tasks associated with patient management, such as scheduling or re-scheduling appointments, accessing lab results or referral requests. This system allowed patients to engage with their provider organization without adversely impacting the top-of-license work of clinicians.

In era of healthcare consumerism, however, more patients are expecting a level of sophistication and customization that most “analog” contact centers cannot meet. More often than not, consumers of your healthcare services are met with confusing phone directories, difficult-to-navigate-websites, and contact representatives who may not have the training or resources to make a patient encounter meaningful and productive.

Evidence abounds that hospitals and health systems have made considerable investments in patient-centered care and experience. However, the contact center — the virtual, and sometimes literal, front door for many patients — seems to have been left behind. Read more

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