Careline - committed to branded conversations

Careline - committed to branded conversationsCareline has engaged the services of expert behavioural psychologist, Dr Guy Fielding, to build its ability to deliver contact centre interactions that reinforce and reflect the brand values of its clients and engender positive customer outcomes.

Dr Fielding is a chartered social psychologist who has, as an academic and practitioner, shaped UK thinking in the fields of interpersonal and organisational communication over the last twenty five years. He has developed his 'brand in conversation' programme with a range of leading brands and service organisations over the past several years. The programme combines advanced conversational skills with the ability to translate brand values into differentiating contact centre behaviours.

"In tough times customers are hungry for the reassurance that comes from dealing with trusted brands; brands whose values they recognise and espouse. We know that customers' brand perceptions are formed and maintained by their interactions with an organisation - including those that take place in the contact centre. Our work with Dr Fielding will help ensure that every customer conversation we have on our clients' behalf reflects their brand, engenders loyalty and builds client relationships."

Careline is one of the first outsourced service organisations to espouse 'brand in conversation' techniques and believes it will create a major service advantage for the clients it supports.