HGS to create up to 300 work-from-home jobs in northern New Brunswick

 “The HGS work-from-home model allows our employees to undertake every aspect of their work online; from application and training to shift-scheduling and customer support,” said Ross Duff, senior vice-president of operation for HGS Canada, in a press release.

“We are very pleased with the talent we have been able to acquire across northern New

Brunswick, and we are sure New Brunswickers will enjoy their work experience with HGS.”


HGS will be eligible for an investment of up to $1.19 million from New Brunswick’s crown corporation, Opportunities NB, in the form of payroll rebates.

The rebates will be performance-based and distributed to the company annually, once it has created and maintained jobs during the year of claim.

“Home-based work allows New Brunswickers to exercise their skills and earn a living, all while contributing to the success of their communities and families,” said Premier Brian Gallant.

The province estimates the 300 additional jobs will generate an additional $3.5 million in provincial tax revenue over four years.

Source: Global News Canada