HGS DigiCX® Driving Digital Transformation in Customer Experience

The fragmentation of customer engagement across dozens of channels has turned into a highly vexing problem and an increasingly disruptive challenge for businesses in the last few years. A multitude of customer touch-points cutting across marketing, sales, customer service, and even product development are in practice today. In short, customers have moved to the digital world en masse, and companies have not kept up. There are so many ways in which consumers can reach companies, and it’s glaring when organizations aren’t responding adequately the way customers expect. As a Gartner report highlights, 89 percent of executives want to differentiate their brand based on the customer experience they provide, but only 1 in 10 consumers believe that brands are doing a good job. “If there’s one major opportunity for all organizations that want to compete on CX today, it’s managing the increasingly fragmented customer conversations via the web, social, and mobile channels,” says Yashwinee GK, CIO of Hinduja Global Solutions (HGS).