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HGS Recognized with Gold Awards for Leading Digital Transformation Solutions and Service

Hinduja Global Solutions (HGS), (listed on NSE & BSE in India) a global leader in business process management, has been recognized—three times over—as a trailblazer in digital transformation and self-service. HGS’s hat trick of industry gold awards was earned with showcase digital solutions—including social media, webchat, text, and web self-service—that create exceptional value for HGS’s clients and their customers: 

  • Information Services Group (ISG) named HGS a “leader” in social media customer care.
  • 2018 Contact Center World Americas Awards recognized HGS as a trendsetter in the use of self-service with a third consecutive gold award.
  • Customer Sales and Service World (CSSW) awarded HGS gold forthe intelligent innovation and co-creation provided in the use of text-SMS to increase sales conversion. 


“We are thrilled to earn these recognitions for our digital expertise, strategy, and innovation,” said Andrew Kokes, HGS Senior Vice President, Global Head of Marketing. “Our core mission is to empower our clients with solutions that deliver significant competitive advantage through optimized customer engagement. By employing digital channels like social media, text, and webchat, we transform customer experiences and unlock potential to help consumers get the right answer fast.”

ISG Recognizes HGS as Leader in Social Media Customer Care

In May, HGS was named a leader in social media management in ISG Provider Lens™ Social Business and Collaboration Quadrant Report. Among HGS’s strengths, according to ISG, are theDigiCX and HGS Social services and solutions suites. ISG credits DigiCX for optimizing customer experience through digital channel expansion that caters to today’s customer preferences. HGS Social, as a key component of DigiCX, focuses on social media customer service that, according to ISG, leverages analytics to provide actionable insights, automation to provide timely information, and connects front and back office operations for consistent results. HGS’s social media customer service offering leverages analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) as key differentiators. It filters out and identifies actionable and engaging posts. The automation also helps route the right post to the right team. Text analytics decodes customer voice in social media and identifies action items such as product complaint drivers and service opportunities. HGS was also credited for partnerships with a leading social media management solution vendor for workflows, analytics, AI, and automation related to social posts. 

“Social business is becoming increasingly relevant for enterprises that want to engage with their employees, suppliers, and customers and keep them happy. But the social business model doesn’t happen by accident,” said Esteban Herrera, partner and global leader of ISG Research. “It requires an organizational commitment to leveraging social networking principles to create efficient, state-of-the-art collaboration, modern client interactions, and retention solutions embedded within digital marketing channels.”

“Intelligent innovation and design thinking are critical to finding new ways to leverage analytics and artificial intelligence to more judiciously engage the right customers at the right time via social media,” Kokes said. “As social media usage increases at a staggering rate, it is crucial for brands to engage with customers on their preferred platforms, creating brand advocates and shaping customer sentiment. Our social media engagement is about leading with empathy; deep understanding; and treating every client, customer, and employee, as we want to be treated.

The ISG report evaluates 60 providers serving the U.S. market with enterprise-level and external customer-facing social collaboration solutions and services across five quadrants: social-centric collaboration, content-centric collaboration, social media management, chatbot platforms, and social media consulting and managed services.HGS was recognized for social media-based marketing and omnichannel experience, with artificial intelligence- and analytics-based user behavior tracking and proactive support services. 

For more information about HGS’s social media customer service strategy and success stories, register for the July 26 webinar, How to Create Legendary Social Media Customer Service

 Third Consecutive Gold at 2018 Contact Center World Americas Awards

HGS also harvested a gold award for Best Use of Self-Service technology for the third consecutive year. HGS showcased a self-service solution, designed to empower consumers to find the right answer fast. This solution has built-in analytics that identifies the top call drivers, enabling HGS to create how-to videos and improve FAQs to better support customer inquiries. “Our self-service solution is based on a Smart Channel Selector algorithm, which is intelligent in offering the right type of channel based on customer issue type,” said Kokes.“This increases the probability of first contact resolution and customers do not have to keep shuffling between different channels. Based on this strategy, we are delivering a 97% resolution rate for one of our consumer electronics clients. Additionally, our self-service solution has reduced total cost of our client’s operation by nearly 70%.”

HGS was honored at the 2018 Contact Center World Americas Awards June 21 in Orlando, FL. Contact Center World is a premier organization for contact center industry professionals to learn about best practices and meet other talent in the field.


Customer Sales and Service World (CSSW) Gold for Best Multichannel Customer Service

Finally, in a year marked by a field of outstanding nominations, HGS led in digital transformation success, with a Customer Sales and Service World (CSSW) gold win for Best Multichannel Customer Service. The HGS submission was based on the story of how HGS employed digital strategy and solutions for an online automotive marketplace leader to convert 80% of SMS contacts to leads.

“We worked closely with this client to align with their mission to use multichannel and digital service disruption to support their urgency to grow,” Kokes said. “This win speaks to our strength building and aligning customer engagement to our clients’ needs. Our crawl-walk-run approach is about being brilliant at basics, driving results consistently and earning the right to continuously improve the process for better outcomes.”

For 40 years, HGS has been providing an intelligent solution approach to meet clients at each stage in the transformation journey. From traditional voice contact center services and web self-service, chat, text, and social customer service to back-office support and robotic process automation, HGS provides a best-in-class experience to help customers drive profitable engagements. HGS’s industry decoration spans social media, web portal deployment, and webchat and text.


About Hinduja Global Solutions (HGS):

A global leader in business process management (BPM) and optimizing the customer experience lifecycle, HGS is helping make its clients more competitive every day. HGS combines technology-powered services in automation, analytics, and digital with domain expertise focusing on back office processing, contact centers, and HRO solutions to deliver transformational impact to clients. Part of the multi-billion dollar conglomerate Hinduja Group, HGS takes a true “globally local” approach, with over 44,265 employees across 70 delivery centers in seven countries making a difference to some of the world’s leading brands across nine key verticals. For the year ended 31st March 2018, HGS had revenues of US$ 597 million.

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