NHS chooses Careline to support information revolution

Careline - NHSThe National Health Service (NHS) has appointed Careline to support a country-wide revolution in the way medical records are made available to healthcare professionals and citizens.

The newly established NHS Care Records Service (NHS CRS) will make citizens’ medical records available online. It will begin by creating a Summary Care Record (SCR), for every citizen, which will include important current information about their health, including details of allergies, current prescriptions and likely adverse reactions to common medicines. Over time the record will be updated whenever the individual uses an NHS service, with details of the health problem reported and the care provided.

People across England will be informed of the planned change by information mailings sent to them over the next few months. Careline’s information line, staffed by a specially trained team of advisors, will be on hand to answer any questions or concerns they might have about how their records will be compiled, stored and made available.

“NHS CRS will revolutionise the way medical information is held and accessed,” says Careline’s Sales & Marketing Director, Roger Beadle. “It means healthcare staff will have high speed access to vital up-to-the-minute information and, therefore, be in a better position to provide patients with the best possible and most appropriate care – even in an emergency. However, it represents a big change for patients many of whom, no doubt, will want reassurance about how their information will be handled and safeguarded. That’s where we come in,” says Roger.

Careline was chosen by the NHS because of its broad experience in providing customer information and help lines for an array of public and private sector organisations and because of the speed of its response. Careline aims to have the service up and running in a matter of weeks.