Yashwinee GK, CIO, HGS shares here views on digital transformation with ET CIO

In an interview with, Yashwinee GK, Chief Information Officer – Hinduja Global Solutions, discusses how SMAC technologies create competitive advantages. Further, she talks on how they crunch data using regression techniques and arrive at predictive and prescriptive analysis for consumer and operational data. Q. In this digital era, how is the role of an IT leader of an organization impacting? What technologies are you adopting to stay updated? In today’s digital workplace where there is a growing need for businesses to continuously transform, the role of the IT leader and hence the technology team has evolved from an enabler or a support function to being a prime mover and a growth engine. I stay attuned with developments in the technology world to keep myself updated on innovations and endeavor towards constantly upgrading my teams. Focus on the organizational talent in competencies around business analytics, data sciences, robotics, artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies that will support our businesses. Q.How have you been approaching digital transformation at Hinduja Global Solutions (HGS)? What are some of the key initiatives that you have undertaken in last few months? The digital transformation journey at HGS is a three-pronged program. End-to-end enterprise IT transformation that will digitize our primary functions namely Human Resources, Finance and Business Operations to bring about operational efficiencies and enhance overall employee experience. Enabling Business Transformation through deployment and adoption of market-centric and industry-specific digital solutions to enhance customer experiences, and create process efficiencies; these cover Robotics, Automation, Analytics & Data Sciences, Social, Chat, Email, SMS. Set up the HGS Innovation Lab that is dedicated to mining our existing technology capability. Access to structured and unstructured data and business acumen to innovate new offerings for our clients in the cognitive space using Data Sciences, AI & ML technologies. Q. How are you leveraging analytics and predictive analytics at Hinduja Global Solutions India to get customer insights? To know what the client and customers want is an advantage. Additionally, having data drawn from customers’ behavior supports in developing strategies that predict the future expectations and trends. In HGS we churn available information using regression techniques and arrive at predictive and prescriptive analysis for consumer and operational data. This helps us gain more insights for the customer and predict patterns on consumer behavior as well as provide early warnings to our operations. This also enables us to predict future trends and provide suggested preventive actions for the business to improve overall efficiencies and savings for the client. Predictive analytics and data science are powerful tools that enable us to blend data collated from multiple channels and real-life experience. This helps us in drawing strategies to target the right customer and cater to them with the right offers. Q. How are you leveraging SMAC technologies for competitive advantages? Data, structured or unstructured, created by social media, mobile devices, loyalty card programs and website browsing, is helping us understand the clients’ and their customers’ requirements better and build new business models with redefined strategies. SMAC technologies work together in synergy and create a competitive advantage for our clients and their customers. The global marketplace is changing to become increasingly competitive. How we connect with our clients based on the data boosts agility within the organization while in the market and helps collaborate better with both internal and external stakeholders. Source: