Three Digitized Ways To Improve the Member Experience

January 13, 2021 | Electronic Health Reporter

How to Make Contact Center Agents into Superheroes

December 23, 2020 | Contact Centre World
News | Oct 06, 2020 | Community Health Magazine


A recent article in Community Health Magazine featured expert insights from Lisa Doggett, M.D., Senior Medical Director at HGS/AxisPoint Health, on flu vaccinations during the pandemic and she is the first expert quoted within the piece.

News | Sep 25, 2020 | Health IT Answers

4 Ways That Healthcare Systems Can Manage Denied Claims

A recent article authored by HGS Healthcare offers insights on how healthcare systems can manage denied claims by improving their operations with new processes and new technologies.

News | Sep 23, 2020 | AdGully

Redefining customer engagement for brands in the times of Covid-19

Sachin Karweer, Business Head, HGS Interactive wrote an opinion piece for AdGully about the trends in Customer Engagement in the COVID and post COVID era.

News | Sep 23, 2020 | Loyalty360

Crisis Drives AI and Authenticity in Social Customer Care

In an interview with Loyalty360, Amanda Sternquist, Global Practice Lead, Social Media Care, shares her insights on the new dynamics of social media customer care and the important role that technology will play in accelerating audience engagement.

News | Sep 23, 2020 | Toolbox

Cloud Security: Extrapolating on What Oracle’s Acquisition of TikTok Means for Marketers

HGS’s Chief Technology Officer, Len Buzyna shares what the Oracle and TikTok acquisition means for marketers who need to be more vigilant about creating and posting a data user policy on their sites.

News | Sep 17, 2020 | healthcarebusinesstoday

How to Ensure Provider Database Accuracy Amid COVID-19

In this article published in Healthcare Business Today, Priya Sabharwal, Associate Vice President at HGS Healthcare, explains how strong provider database management is more important than ever, given job losses created by COVID-19.

News | Sep 15, 2020 | techgig

International Programmers’ Day: Here’s what the IT leaders have to say about the programmers

Nat Radhakrishnan, President and Global Chief Innovation Officer, HGS had shared his inputs with Techgig. The inputs are featured in a video format and the story is about the role played by programmers during COVID and what lies for them ahead

News | Sep 14, 2020 | ETHRWorld

Talent acquisition teams must reinvent themselves to keep pace with the new normal: Anthony Joseph

Anthony Joseph, President – Global Human Resources, HGS was interviewed by ETHRWorld on how HGS is redefining the work culture amidst the Covid-19 pandemic and the challenges associated. In the interview, Anthony has also highlighted about the rise of Gig economy and how talent acquisition will change.

News | Sep 14, 2020 | lifewire

Android 11 Promises More Privacy, but Is It Enough?

Virgil Wong, Chief Digital Officer offers insights into how Google’s latest mobile OS, Android 11, offers new features to limit friction in user experience while adjusting to the new way people are using devices.

News | Sep 11, 2020 | TOOLBOX

Tik Tok Acquisition: A Social Experience Trend You Shouldn’t Ignore

Virgil Wong, Chief Digital Officer breaks down what Walmart joining Microsoft’s bid to acquire TikTok means for the retail industry and how it will shape social commerce/customer experience trends.

News | Sep 09, 2020 | The Times of India (TOI)

Trust in Indian BPM soars as firms manage the pandemic brilliantly

The story is an excerpt of the insights exchanged during the ‘Times Techies’ webinar. The discussions were made by top Indian BPM industry leaders on the pandemic impact and the advances made by the BPM industry in 20 years of its existence. Partha along with his peers was quoted in this industry story and he said that some of the service providers like HGS managed the crisis much faster and more effectively than the in-house centers of its clients.

News | Sep 07, 2020 | AnswerStat

4 Steps to Charting an Empathetic Experience

Srikanth “Sri” Lakshminarayanan, Vice President for the Center of Excellence for Healthcare Engagement Service, explains the necessary steps that healthcare CX teams must take in order to deliver an empathetic experience for customers.

News | Sep 07, 2020 | Call Center Times

Healthcare customer engagement: Charting an empathetic experience

Srikanth “Sri” Lakshminarayanan, Vice President for the Center of Excellence for Healthcare Engagement Service, discusses why an empathy-backed healthcare CX approach can charter optimal customer satisfaction.

News | Sep 07, 2020 | Zee Business

Partha DeSarkar in an interview with Zee Business

Partha DeSarkar, Wholetime Executive Director and Global CEO, HGS spoke to Zee Business on Q1 FY2021 performance.

Press release | Sep 05, 2020 | Hinduja Global Solutions

HGS Announces Q1 Fy 2021 Results

Hinduja Global Solutions announced its unaudited First Quarter Results for FY2021. Q1 FY2021 revenues stood at Rs. 12,359 million and EDITDA stood Rs. 1,458 million.

News | Sep 03, 2020 | IAOP Pulse Magazine

COVID Times Proves Critical Importance of Partnerships

HGS EPIC Team’s award-winning partnership with Sprinklr is featured as a great example of how HGS is able to provide end-to-end social engagement solutions to help companies faced with overwhelming social media volumes, especially during COVID-19.

News | Sep 03, 2020 | NelsonHall

Online Crisis Management: Lessons from HGS’ Social Care Practice

The blog post has been written by Ivan Kotzev, a CMS analyst with NelsonHall. Ivan highlights some of the HGS social media crisis management solutions utilizing technology to address the exponential demand for online crisis moderation during the pandemic.

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